Au Pair and Family Testimonials - Adventure Nannies

Thanks to Adventure Nannies, having kids and traveling suddenly makes sense!

~ The Khanna Family

Trish was a great travel nanny for us. She was like a real nana to Cooper. We liked how she talked to him a lot, read books, and encouraged him to do things on his own instead of helping him as soon as he got frustrated with something. She was a great fit for our parenting style of trying to raise a resilient independent baby. She was very flexible with schedules and very accommodating. Big bonus for us was that she was able to cook us hot lunches/dinners while on the trip. That helped out quite a bit. We also enjoyed having her as our travel companion because she’s had so much interesting travel/life experiences that made our conversation very interesting. We hope to be as excited about life as she is when we’re at her age!

~ The Yamada Family
I am beyond words at this point for how grateful I am to have been able to work with the team at Adventure Nannies. Thank you for your patience with my many questions and emails, your calm and caring approach, for having my back, for providing honest feedback and genuine encouragement, and for helping me find the best fit! I was constantly amazed and impressed with the organization, communication, thoroughness, attention to detail, and professionalism exuded by everyone I worked with at Adventure Nannies. Keep shining!
~ Kristin - Nanny

As our son approached his first birthday, our nanny needs started to change and become more vital. Instead of a general calm and loving touch, we needed someone that could match his high energy, fun and rambunctious spirit as well as guide him in important early learning and artistic experiences. Not only that, we needed someone that shared our values so that we could feel comfortable with them in our home and trust their instincts with food, health and unexpected scenarios. Finding the right person that fulfilled all our urban hippy specifications while juggling our full-time jobs and crazy international film production schedules was proving to be nearly impossible (and totally overwhelming). Adventure Nannies was an absolute godsend. Ever since my first Skype session with our placement counselor, we felt we were in the right hands. She was very detail-oriented and really went in-depth finding out what our specific needs were for our son and our lifestyle as traveling commercial and film directors. The Adventure Nannies’ thorough vetting process saved us so much time – each candidate we met with was experienced, bright, capable and positive. After about two weeks of going back and forth, refining our search, conducting interviews and trial days with our top 5 candidates, we found Darya. She has nine years of nannying experience, is smart, funny, interesting and has the perfect fun spirit for our son. We are amazed by all the different activities she creates for him and can already see how much is he learning and growing every day. Not only that, but she is experienced and interested in film production and may be able to assist us in our work in the future as well- this was a dream specification we were hoping for but didn’t expect to find. Our son is so incredibly happy now and we owe it all to Adventure Nannies. They are such a great, modern resource for detail-oriented parents with creative, unconventional lifestyles.

~ The Jasper Family

I researched hiring an au pair, nanny, travel nanny and found some really average websites and companies who didn’t offer security screening or adopt a strict hiring process of employees. Finally, I stumbled across a fantastic business named “ Adventure Nannies ” based in the United States. They were professional from the get-go and began the process quickly. After we created our wish list of a travel nanny, we were sent a very extensive list of girls who were all keen to join our family. Some were teachers, others were studying childcare at university. All had amazing credentials, references and more importantly, they were experienced travelers themselves. After some deliberation and a chat with the kids, we settled on Marlee. Marlee has been a perfect fit for us!

Having a travel nanny has given James and I the freedom to enjoy some down time on the trip, like we did back home in Sydney with our regular sitter. I don’t feel guilty about enjoying the odd sleep-in, going on date night to a museum or having a long lunch with a cheeky bottle of wine. If you are ever in need of a nanny on the road, I highly recommend Adventure Nannies. They have been so professional and lovely to deal with. The group of nannies we interviewed were impressive, varied and each sported unique skills such as a second language or experience working with special needs children.

~ The McKinnon Family

Every evening our one year-old waddles to dinner, chasing the humped cattle, shouting Moo! Moo!, while doctors and nurses and patients call out his name, and the sun sets behind the dragon-tooth Himalayas. For two comfortable Americans, the thought of raising our son over the long-term here – on the grounds of a public hospital in rural Nepal – seemed like it would be impossible. Until, thanks to Adventure Nannies, we met Eliza. Because of her, our son isn’t just surviving here – he’s thriving. And because we know he’s safe, and loved, and well cared-for even while we’re working, we’re thriving as well. We can’t fathom how our family would have made it this far without her.

~ The Stiepleman Family

Kristen was fantastic with our family. She excelled towards the needs of my 8 year old daughter, and was understanding and considerate of our entire family. Scheduling in a fast paced family is challenging in and of itself. Kristen was accommodating to our intense schedule.

~ The Kennedy Family

Our experience with Adventure Nannies has been nothing short of amazing. Their ideas for activities with the girls continue to impress us, and our girls absolutely love our nanny. She has enriched our lives in many ways, and we hope our relationship with her continues long into the future. She has become a member of our family, and we can’t wait for upcoming adventures with her.

~ The Allen Family

What can I say… Thank you so much for being the wonderful, positive, high spirited, YOU! Thank you for helping so much and being a fantastic inspiration to our grandchildren. What a wonderful summer vacation you have made it for them… and US! We couldn’t have pulled of the great summer of memories for them without you!

~ The Janeczko Family

Adventure Nannies sky-dived out of the clear blue, armed with much more than an umbrella and a spoonful of sugar, and changed my life. I had spent ten years as a nanny, camp counselor, camp director, and classroom teacher. At the time of their call, I had quite surprised myself by landing in an office filled with grown-ups. The computer screens weren’t holding my attention, and I was on the hunt for a more fulfilling and enjoyable life, a life spent caring for and educating young people.

They have been with me every step of the way. Throughout my hiring process they brought me up to speed on the wide and wonderful world of adventure nannying. I said, “This is what I’ve been building my resume for, I just didn’t know such a profession existed!” They connected me with a family who loved to travel and believed deeply in the importance of childhood. When my position with my first family ended, they facilitated the transition with care and ebullience to
another brilliant placement.

Being a nanny is a high honor, and an incredibly intimate way to be involved in a family’s life. Children are ever-changing precious beings, meaning never boring, but also challenging. The Adventure Nannies are always by their Batphones. They provide just as much excitement for the high times as support and solutions for low times. To know you have them at your back is to come to work with greater confidence every day. As a nanny, I would unequivocally recommend Adventure Nannies to anyone who wants an unconventional (and unconventionally awesome) way to travel the world and be involved in the lives of young people.

~ Hannah - Nanny

Many years ago (“BK”) we were camping in Cambodia. My wife and I made a pinky promise that we weren’t going to change our lifestyle after kids. Our nanny makes actually keeping that promise possible. The concept of Adventure Nannies is fantastic. She has camped on the playa with us at Burning Man, hiked in the woods in Canada, and met us in Boulder, Seattle and the most adventurous of all… New Jersey.

Our kids (now 5 & 7) LOVE our nanny and she has become a part of our family. There is none of the ickiness that you might be fearful about traveling with “someone else”. She’s awesome and I tell every friend we have, (that can see there’s a world beyond their $700 stroller) to give Adventure Nannies a try. They’ll give your family your adventure back.

~ The Shapiro Family

Adventure Nannies found the perfect nanny for us after just one week! The vetting process they put the nannies through was super helpful and reassuring for us. I would use this service again in a heartbeat.

~ Private Family - Denver

Nannying on a hospital campus in rural Nepal has been an unbeatable opportunity. Jess, Dan, and Leo (the baby) treat me as a member of their family and already I feel integrated into the local community here. I have had experiences I will never forget, from hiking to a hilltop temple to witnessing a goat sacrifice during a week-long Nepali festival. With an interest in global health, a bonus has been gaining exposure to the workings of a leading global health organization and observing in the hospital. Adventure Nannies helped in the initial process of getting connected with the family and negotiating details. They continue to be available for guidance, allowing me to feel supported and comfortable enough to travel to the far side of the world as a nanny.

~ Eliza - Nanny

I am a career nanny that has worked with several nanny agencies over the past 10 years.  Adventure Nannies tops them all! Their team assisted me with the entire process of securing my new nanny position. They were consistently available, responded quickly to my many questions, and offered helpful advice on interviewing, my nanny portfolio, and work agreement. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable, organized, and thorough agency. I highly recommend Adventure Nannies to any nanny seeking an agency that goes above and beyond to provide excellent service. Thank you Adventure Nannies!

~ Allison - Nanny

My experience with the Adventure Nannies team has been incredible. I have been given countless opportunities to not only be a caregiver, but to also travel the world with a purpose-driven perspective. It’s the perfect combination of two of life’s greatest joys: discovering the world while facilitating the same experience for children. I’m always looking forward to my next rewarding adventure with Adventure Nannies!

~ Mckenzie - Private Educator

My work with Adventure Nannies has been nothing short of wonderful. Their business model is unique and offers a diverse opportunity for creative minds to work with little humans and explore the world. If you love children and have a sense of adventure, I highly recommend you work for this vibrant, ever growing company. If you are looking for a childcare provider for your next journey or even if you are looking for someone full-time, you do not have to look any further. The company as a whole is run by such positive, professional, organized, communicative, creative leaders that instill and support the inner child in all of us. I look forward to continue working with Adventure Nannies as they persevere and flourish into an even more remarkable nanny service as they started as.

~ Nicole - Nanny

My experience working with Adventure Nannies over the past few months has been incredibly positive and fulfilling. The team provides incredibly high standards of professionalism and support to both the Adventure nannies and families, which I know has made myself and the families with which I’ve worked much more comfortable in situations that can be typically stressful. It feels so great, as someone who takes great care and concern in my work with families and children, for that same notion of care to be reflected and reinforced by the entire Adventure Nannies team.

~ Amanda - Private Educator