10 Reasons to Hire a Private Educator

Homeschooling is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Education is not a measure that is one size fits all and hiring a private educator allows for a degree of educational specialization that is tailored to the needs of the child and family. Nannies that can provide homeschooling, or supplemental education are a valid option. Families and their children benefit from the special relationship formed and focused attention on their children.

  1. Children can have more say during their pursuit of knowledge. While there are suggested curriculums for parents and non-family member to select, children can engage with concepts in ways that make for a more authentic learning experience and not simply for the goal of passing an exam. Unschooling is one alternative where children pursue knowledge rather than be pursued by it and are guided by their curiosity and interests.

  2. Your nanny holds a degree in education or meets the qualifications in your state. Making the change from nanny to educator becomes an easy choice. Many of our nannies are certified teachers, looking for the opportunity to focus on one family at a time.

  3. Your child would benefit from additional attention. Some children are easily distracted in a classroom setting and would do better with an in-home educator that can attend to them exclusively. If you aren’t interested in pulling them out of the classroom entirely, a nanny with an education background can be a huge asset to your child’s development.

  4. Your child excels beyond her peer group. A nanny with additional qualification in an area can help promote the development of a child’s talents. Very intelligent children can be overlooked in a school setting and become bored or misbehave.

  5. Your child is being bullied or harassed. The teasing and bullying can easily escalate to physical and mental abuse. Schools and teachers can be ill-equipped to supervise children interaction at all times. Homeschooling can provide a safer alternative.

  6. Your family often travels. The highly demanded schedules of parents may require the family to be in different locations for extended periods of time. Having a private educator allows children to stay with the family and enjoy more quality time together wherever they may reside.

  7. Children can have a more hands-on experience with concepts. The focus on testing has left little time for experimentation and exploration. This choice allows children to run experiments, investigate and analyze an area of interest for a deeper level of understanding.

  8. The influence of fellow students is undesirable. Children will develop thought but some friends can be self-destructive and steer children away from healthy goals and motivations.

  9. A private educator allows for a non-standard schedule. Select children have skills and abilities, such as in sports or music, that require additional hours of practice for excellence. The schedule of academic “lessons” or engagement may have to work around developing this talent.

  10. Children develop independent thought. Schools provide a method of educating the masses that subjects children to one accepted standard curriculum and viewpoint. Homeschooling allows children to explore multiple viewpoints and come to their own conclusion.

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