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12 Tour Nanny Blunders to Avoid

12 Tour Nanny Blunders to Avoid

As any seasoned tour nanny (or musician, crew member, band wife) will tell you… life on the road is not easy! Here at Adventure Nannies, we benefit from our collective experience as all of the above. We’ve experienced these blunders committed by others, committed some ourselves, and have heard stories of many others. Here are the top 12 tour nanny blunders to avoid.


  • 1) Complaining – Touring is hard, and everyone is doing their best. Group morale can be fragile, so it’s important to stay positive and avoid complaining at all costs. Especially to your boss (who is under an enormous amount of pressure) or the road crew (who works much longer hours than you do.) If there is an issue that you absolutely need to bring up, I suggest talking to the tour manager.
  • Being a space invader – Bus life is like boat life. Everything has its place and you should be extremely mindful of community space. On a bus, you will be assigned a bunk which is where all of your personal items should be stored. Don’t leave personal things in public spaces, and remove yourself from the common room if people are having an important conversation. There is no privacy on tour, so do your best to respect others.
  • Eating stinky foods on the bus – This falls into the category of respecting the community space. Just don’t do it. Common offenders are kimchi, too much garlic, microwaving leftover fish, and anything someone is allergic to.
  • Losing your mind – Keep it together! If you can survive (or better yet, thrive) in this environment, you can do anything. Accept that most plans will change, most days you will be exhausted, and everyone else will be in the same boat at one time or another. You can do it!
  • Over-packing – Pack enough for one week and plan on re-wearing it. Bring as little as possible. If you need help, check out our packing guide!
  • Losing stuff – especially your charges and employers stuff. It can be extremely challenging to keep track of everything from venue, to bus, to hotel, to airplane. Label things, make lists, and develop a routine.
  • Becoming stuck in a funk – There will be a low point on every tour. Don’t hold onto that feeling! It will pass and things will get better. I promise.
  • Being the loud one – Keep your voice at a just above library level. You will be confined in small spaces most of the time, don’t fill it with your voice. We can hear you.
  • Getting star struck – There is a good chance you will be a fan of your new boss, or someone you guys come across on tour. Be cool. Don’t ask for a photo or an autograph EVER. If you are feeling awkward in a situation and think you might lose your cool, use this as an opportunity to take the kids on an adventure.
  • Getting too friendly with the stars – no matter how friendly your boss is to you, don’t mistake them as your friends. Be sure to act in a professional manner around them at all times.
  • Hanging around in the green room before or after the show – 30 minutes before a show, the band is getting mentally prepared for the performance, or making any final adjustments to the set list, plan, etc.   30 minutes after a show, they will be decompressing and discussing things that went wrong / right. Respectfully avoid being around during these times unless you are specifically asked to be there.
  • Becoming unhealthy – It’s hard to stay healthy on the road, but imperative if you want to stay sane. Eat something green at every meal, exercise, and say no to pizza as often as possible.

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