3 Traits Nannies Have in Common With CEO’s

3 Traits Nannies Have in Common With CEOs


Great CEOs are able to see things as they are because they have innately good perspective or they’ve learned the hard way from an earlier experience about the perils of clouded judgment. A good Adventure Nanny has the same passion and love for the children they care for as a CEO does for their company. They also have the experience and perspective to maintain objectivity around the children they care for so they can make the best decisions and help their families do the same.


CEO’s play a major role in company culture and talent development. A good CEO uses this role to inspire and motivate their team to reach goals, constantly improve skills and in turn, inspire and motivate others. This is core to who an Adventure Nanny is. She spends her nights thinking about how to inspire her charges and motivate them to experience new things and grow as people. She constantly uses her energy to make daily activities part of a larger picture of independence and personal growth.


CEO’s need to make tough decisions quickly and stick by them. Nannies do the same with children every day. Nannies have to ask themselves if each decision aligns with the family values and goals while keeping kids safe and healthy. CEO’s must weigh the same considerations and both know they must do this while taking full responsibilities for the outcomes that often weigh heavy as they effect the lives of those around them.


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