5 Things Nobody Told You About Being A Nanny

5 Things Nobody Told You About Being a Nanny

  1. Being a nanny requires insane project management skills

    Moms know all about this, but as a nanny it’s taken to the next level. Nannies juggle multiple (often changing) schedules including their own, in addition to maintaining a life outside of the job. This can require the project management skills of a seasoned c-level executive. Prepare to get embarrassingly excited about planners during the new year.

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  1. Nannies need high quality clothes.

    I think designers should hire nannies as product testers. On the regular, you will be picking glitter out of your favorite sweater, washing grass stains from your denim, and visiting the shoe repair shop because you didn’t anticipate that spur of the moment dance-off / pillow fight last night. You have to pull this off while looking presentable, as this is all part of your professional work day.

  1. It’s a brilliant career move.

    Many nannies get paid more than teachers. We call them Private Educators, and they are in hot demand. Often former teachers, the compensation package for these educator nannies would bring tears to a public school teacher’s eyes.

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  1. The families you work for will enrich your life forever.

    As a former nanny, and current agency owner, I am forever grateful for the families I’ve worked for. They are now my business coaches, mentors, friends, and confidants. At my small wedding last year, 4 of my former families were guests. These people have had my back from day one because I’ve had theirs, and our relationship has become the foundation for many of the opportunities I’ve had since working for them.

  1. You will find yourself in the strangest situations, and laugh about them forever.

    Like, frantically locating an empty beer box in the brush, so a panicked 6 year old can poop in it on a remote lake in southern France. It happened to me, just another day in the office.

One of our favorite families, the Shapiro's in Alaska.

The Shapiro family in Alaska

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