7 Questions to Ask Before Homeschooling Your Children

So, you’re thinking of hiring a private educator…

Homeschooling seems to have become a trendy option for educating kids these days.  This sometimes-controversial approach has been making headlines lately with a slew of high tech, highly educated families deciding to hire private educators instead of enrolling their children in traditional schools.

The reasons families choose to home-school vary from lifestyle necessity, specialized educational needs, bullying issues, behavioral challenges, and more. Many families are disappointed in the education their children receive in schools, so they decide to take action and create the ideal learning environment for their specific needs.

Homeschooling can be very successful, as long as you take care to ask the right questions before deciding to make the switch. Taking a child out of a traditional school environment may have seemed unrealistic in the past, but with the advent of online educational tools and curriculum, you have access to some of the most advanced education materials right from your home.

If you are considering educational options for your child that include homeschooling, ask yourself the following seven questions:

Do I feel that my kids are being challenged at school?

This question is something requires a keen eye on your child.  Go with your gut.

Are my kids able to explore topics they enjoy?

Sometimes traditional school hits the mark and sometimes it doesn’t.  If you don’t have the time to dedicate to extra curricular education interests, an in-home educator would be a viable option.  They could incorporate your child’s interests into their daily lessons and provide them with experiences that stretch beyond what would be done in a classroom.

Will my child miss out on socialization if they are homeschooled?

While they won’t be in class with other kids every day, getting them involved in after school activities goes a long way. Quality private educators will find extraordinary educational activities that involve socializing with other kids. There are also homeschool meet-up groups in most major cities.

What about standardized testing?

When homeschooling children, it is likely the parents will have a very clear picture about their children’s strengths and areas needing improvement.  However, some parents find it helpful for their children take standardized tests to ensure they are achieving highly compared to their grade level peers. In some states, the law requires families to periodically demonstrate academic progress in some form. Before making the switch to homeschooling, be sure to do your homework and thoroughly research your state’s homeschooling laws.

How will homeschooling affect my child’s future success in college?

Homeschooled children have just as good of a chance (if not, better!) of being accepted into top universities. A common concern amongst parents considering homeschooling  is if their children will have developed the study skills and team learning dynamics in order to succeed. Some families choose to homeschool for only half of their children’s education to equip them with the benefits from both styles of education. Whatever it is you choose for your children, this is an important component of homeschooling to consider.

Would I like to travel with my children?

Perhaps take them on an around-the-world educational adventure? A private educator can make that a reality.  The educational opportunities abound in this type of situation.  A childcare provider or teacher could act as both a homeschooler and a nanny all rolled into one.

Am I prepared to take on the responsibility of my child’s education?

This is the big one. There are lots of online resources that your tech-savvy kids can follow, so as long are prepared keep them on task, and answer any questions they have, you can make it work.


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