7 Traits that Separate Real Adventure Nannies from Wannabes

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1. Jills and Jacks of all trades – Any real Adventure Nanny has at least a dozen skills and superpowers. These are educators and nannies that can think like an engineer when building projects with their charges, using their nursing skills when one is sick or injured, and employing their teaching instincts while empathetically discussing a bad day at school over a long night of chemistry homework.

2. Creativity – Be prepared to get creative! Few careers demand creativity like being an Adventure Nanny does. A real Adventure Nanny thinks out of the box. They can fill up a rainy day with Pinterest-worthy crafts, or creatively get a toddler to re-focus on eating dinner. Creativity comes in many different packages as an Adventure Nanny, and you can’t survive as one without it.

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3. They work from their hearts – They understand the value of what they do, and put their heart into every aspect of their job. They deeply care about the well being of their nanny family, and they are willing to go the extra mile to help them in any way they can. A huge heart is a superpower for any great Adventure Nanny.

4. Unwavering professionalism – Adventure Nannies display this in every situation they encounter from the application process, to the interviews, to three-year nanny anniversaries. Unwavering professionalism is of utmost importance, and is one of the first things we notice in the screening process. The jobs we represent are as career-building as any, and our candidates take the positions as seriously as they would if they were applying to a Fortune 500 company. After all, many of our families run them!

5. Adaptable – You never know what situation you might end up in as an Adventure Nanny! You might find yourself working with a family of doctors in rural Nepal, or traveling around the world with a Grammy-winning band. You might even find yourself with a family of teachers, living in Denver, planning adventures within the four walls of their home. If you could see yourself thriving in each of these situations, you have what it takes to be an Adventure Nanny. Lack of sleep, unfamiliar places, long work days, and short work days are all in the cards – you have to be ready for anything.

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6. Adventurous – They have an explorer’s mind and can create adventures our of every day situations. Their charges love this about them and it inspires imagination, activity, and life long learning. True Adventure Nannies and the children they look after are never bored.

7. Dedicated – Being an Adventure Nanny is hard work. An unusual level of dedication is required to make it in this field. You will be tested in ways you never dreamed of, and those who persevere are rewarded with one of the most satisfying careers out there. You will have many pinch-yourself “wow, is this really my job?” moments, and your life will be forever enriched.

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