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A Nanny’s Top 10 Mother’s Day Crafts: Kid Art That Will Live Beyond The Fridge Door Gallery

Mother’s Day is coming right up, and as nannies and private educators we know that parents love receiving thoughtful, handmade gifts from their little ones.

We scoured the internet for some of the most adorable, fun-to-make crafts to celebrate moms! Some of these projects are geared towards the younger nanny kids and will require your assistance, while some of them are perfect for the older, more independent kids. Let’s get crafty!

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1. Help Mom rest up and drift into dreamland in style with this homemade sleep mask! This craft is a bit more involved and would be perfect for older nanny kids to take on. Warning: there is glitter involved.image credit:

Dreamy Sleep Mask


2. Is Mom a writer or does she keep any sort of journal? This is a perfect keepsake craft for her – just purchase a few journals of different sizes, lined and unlined, and have the nanny kids go to town decorating the interior page. The easiest way to do this is to measure their craft paper to fit into the inside cover of the journal, then once they’ve finished their drawing just glue it into place.

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Kid-Embellished Journals


3. Everyone knows that Mom is the queen of the house, so why not make it official? This sweet crown craft is simple and can easily be modified for the younger nanny kids.

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Queen For A Day


4. With just a little bit of colorful tissue paper, any clay pot can become your nanny kids’ latest masterpiece! This project is super simple, but you could also have the nanny kids make a matching set for Moms indoor herb garden.

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Stained Glass Containers


5. Mother’s Day typically involves a bouquet for the special lady, but what about gifting Mom with a handmade bouquet that would last forever? This craft is quick, easy, and with the addition of a handwritten love note inside, makes for a sweet bouquet that Mom won’t forget!

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Eternal Bouquet


6. This project is ideal for older nanny kids! Have the kids come up with some things they can offer Mom to really make her day, then help them craft a coupon book with their ideas. These coupons can be redeemed by Mom whenever she likes and makes a thoughtful, sweet gift that keeps on giving!

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Coupon Book For Mom


7. Mom would always prefer a handmade card to anything from Hallmark – with just scissors, paper, glue and creativity, your older nanny kids can make this beautiful pop-up flower card and completely make Moms day.image credit:

Pop-up Card Keepsake


8. This is a great project to incorporate the kids’ creativity and writing skills – just head to the link and print out the template and help your nanny kids create their own newspaper featuring their favorite gal in the whole world!

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Headlining Mom


9. One of the best Mother’s Day crafts to make with your nanny kids is a portrait of Mom! These always end up really funny and super adorable. These masterpiece portraits can be created with just craft paper, crayons markers, paints, colored pencils, etc., and for added fun the nanny kids can incorporate googly eyes, yarn or ribbon for her hair, they can even bejewel her outfit with glitter, gems and glue sticks if they’re feeling really creative.

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Portrait Of A Lady


10. This is a great keepsake gift for Mom that will remind her of the kids’ tiny hands – just cut out the shape of your nanny kids’ handprints, and have the kids write the text if possible. Once the accordion-folded paper is opened it reads: ‘I love you this much’.

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I love You THIS Much



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