Adventure Nannies On Air Ep 38: Mindful Nutrition For Busy Caregivers

Adventure Nannies On Air Ep 38: Mindful Nutrition For Busy Caregivers









We are so excited to share Season Two of our podcast — you can find Adventure Nannies On Air wherever you listen to podcasts!


With over 10,000 candidates applying to positions through our agency each year, we simply do not have time to meet and interact with each one – but we don’t want to limit the resources and expertise we have developed over the last several years to only candidates who are in the running for our sought-after positions.





The podcast is regularly hosted by our co-founder and CEO Shenandoah, and the original founder of Adventure Nannies, Brandy Schultz, who now has two children and an incredible Adventure Nanny of her own.

In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah speak with Sarah Rueven, MS, RDN, CDN. Brandy and Sarah discuss the challenges of prioritizing your health while working as a caregiver in the midst of a pandemic. Sarah is an advocate for health at every size, and offers some tangible ways to mindfully nourish your body.





About The Guest:

Sarah Rueven is a registered dietician, nutritionist, wellness expert, and women’s health advocate. She founded Rooted Wellness, which is her nutrition counseling practice that’s dedicated to maternal and family health, and she supports clients in everything from preconception nutrition to fertility to PCOS to prenatal and postpartum health. Sarah has a master’s degree in clinical nutrition and dietetics from New York University. Sarah also creates incredible wellness seminars, engaging group education, and is a nationally recognized contributor to media outlets such as SELF Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York Magazine, and Business Insider, and she’s a founding advisory board member of Robyn which is an extraordinary maternal wellness resource.





We hope you will enjoy Adventure Nannies On Air as much as we have enjoyed creating it so far, and look forward to developing more and more ways we can support and stay in touch with nannies around the world. Questions for us to answer on the podcast or suggestions for topics you would like to hear about can be sent to






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