“Aristotle, watch my kid” smart homes and the future of childcare

Next month, with the release of Mattel’s smart monitor Aristotle, the future of childcare and education will be greatly impacted. Mattel’s Aristotle is an Alexa-like voice recognition device geared towards kids. Marketed as “the first all-in-one, voice controlled smart baby monitor that grows with your kids.”

Photo from c-net

Photo from c-net


As a baby monitor, its leaps and bounds more advanced than any other smart monitor we’ve seen. From the moment your baby starts crying,  Aristotle responds by slowly turning the its light on and playing a soothing lullaby. The child’s parents and caretakers are then sent a notification on their smart phones.


Debuting in June, this $300 device doesn’t stop at the nursery. As the child’s language skills develop, Aristotle keeps up and can play games with the child by quizzing it on colors using its built-in light, teaching them the alphabet, and more. As the child develops, Aristotle can begin helping them with homework questions “Aristotle, what is the capital of Nigeria?” Aristotle, who was the first woman in space?”

Some privacy concerns for children have been brought up since Aristotle’s announcement, but like all new technology, we’ll have to wait and see.


Aristotle is only the beginning of the smart home technologies that are affecting the childcare industry. This year Hubble Connected will launch Hugo, a social and emotional smart camera that can read facial expressions. Hugo can tell if your child is happy, sad, or looks confused, and tell other smart home devices to put on a movie, turn up the lights, or check the locks. “Maybe one day,” says Hugo’s publicist Margit Malacrida, “Hugo will be able to tell you your favorite joke to cheer you up when you’re feeling blue.”

So is this the beginning of the end for nannies and private educators? We certainly don’t think so – but it is, without a doubt, the beginning of a new era. In the future, we look forward to hearing how our nannies, travel nannies and private educators find inventive ways to utilize Aristotle in the educational and intellectual development of their nanny kids!
Learn more about Aristotle here  and Hugo here. And if you are still interested in having human beings care for your child, we’re here for you! Get in touch.