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Career Paths Being a Nanny Will Prepare You For

Careers being a nanny will prepare you for

“I’ve been a nanny for 8 years and I am ready to move on.  I have no idea what I want to do and a desk job is just not for me, but I’m looking for a new professional challenge outside of corporate America.  What are some career paths that I can pursue that my nanny experience has prepared me for?”

Deciding on a path to take

A crucial part of any job description is, what you are doing when you are not working?  Where do your interests lie?  What makes your mind race and ideas set fire?  We often forget how vital our personal development is to our career development.  You say you have little interest in corporate America, and I would challenge you to write down all of the reasons why.  Is it the office?  The hours?  The work?

Take a considerable amount of time outlining all of the things you know about your character and skill-set and get them down on paper.  Make some lists of things you love to do, things you are great at, and things that you just cant stand.  There are an innumerable amount of skills that one can carry through to a wide variety of industries, but none of those will do if you end up choosing a path that doesn’t align with who you are.

Don’t neglect to ask yourself if you feel bound to a specific location, or urged to be able to work from anywhere.  Most importantly, map out the network you have created over the years.  Have you met any valuable connections?  Are there opportunities within this network that you may be so bold as to try and grab?

About the author


Kay is a tried and true adventurer who has honed her communication skills through 3 languages, global travel, higher education, and a whole lot of work.  She started off as a nanny abroad for a family of 5 that evolved into 9, and gradually strengthened those skills with a bachelor’s in Communication Studies and a master’s in Conflict Resolution.

Kay is an advocate of proactive personal development and intentional communication.  Her work in community development and engagement has primed her to dig deep into tough issues, which we find to be relevant to the work we do with our families.  Her tenure on the executive board of a large corporation as the Organizational Development Director seasons her to identify and work through tough issues.

Kay is an active listener and an exceptional writer.  We believe her to have the ideal skill-set to serve our nannies and families in working through the dynamic and pressing questions they encounter along the way.