How And Why You Should Support Your Nanny’s Professional Development





Professional development for nannies is on the rise and becoming more accessible. With this being the case, many nannies are eager to expand their knowledge and growth.


The information that nannies can collect will be beneficial for their families. An already amazing nanny can become just that much more stellar by attending educational sessions. While there are many quality opportunities that are free, such as Summit Sessions (offered by Adventure Nannies!), there are just as many that cost money. So let’s discuss how you, an employer, can benefit from funding education for your nanny!

Why should parents pay for nannies’ professional development?



Families Benefit From Any Education Their Nannies Receive

As your nanny’s employer, any experience you pay for for your nanny will benefit you in return. For example, if you have a newborn on the way, taking the foundational course through Newborn Care Solutions is a fantastic investment as you prepare for your new child’s arrival. This is an opportunity to have your nanny at the advantage of obtaining detailed information from a professional. In return, this will give you both the confidence to care for your newest addition. If you are considering a specific child-rearing approach such as positive discipline or love & logic, purchasing books for your nanny or finding an online course or class for them to attend (like one of the webinars that we produce here at Adventure Nannies) can be the jump-start to making positive changes for your family dynamic and ensuring your children are on a successful path.





Similarly, if you are considering sending your children to an alternative education program (such as Montessori or Waldorf) as they get older, you can encourage and enroll your nanny in initial coursework to learn about the methodology behind these approaches so that they can begin instilling some of those practices into your children’s daily lives to make the transition smooth for them when they are ready to attend a program.

Other scenarios that many families pursue with continuing education can involve a transition from infant to toddlerhood, education around children with special needs or ABA coursework, full charge nanny to a hybrid position (think Family Assistant!), or even becoming your Household Manager. Another pro for paying for continued education is the longevity of your nanny. You may both be in a position where you don’t want to part ways, so you can find niches for them to fit into different areas of your family.


Private Care And Child Development Is Always Changing

Let’s be honest – childcare and the household industry is ever-changing. Information that your nanny learned ten years ago may no longer be relevant today. Funding or helping them make it to a conference, family assistant course, RIE certification, or early childhood development class can be a game-changer. These types of opportunities can both keep your nanny up-to-date on the most recent information as well as keeping them motivated, engaged, and excited in their career. This leads us to our next and possibly the most important piece of why you can get your nanny to that session.




Show You Care About Their Education And Career, Set Them Up For Success

As the childcare industry becomes more competitive with the changes in remote schooling due to COVID-19, this a great time to offer your nanny continued education to show your appreciation for them. This can be one of the best perks you offer your nanny, as you are not only setting yourself up for success but also your nanny for the future. Whether you and your nanny plan on having a decade-long relationship or just a few years, all of these opportunities and knowledge will look great on their resume and make them a treasured employee to every family they work with throughout their career. And they’ll always be thankful for the acknowledgment and having participated in on-going education.





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