How To Celebrate International Nanny Recognition Week

How To Celebrate International Nanny Recognition Week





International Nanny Recognition Week is held annually during the 3rd week of September, and we know that this year, even more than ever, nannies deserve a resounding round of applause!

This wonderful holiday was created by a group of dedicated industry leaders and nannies, and over 20 years later, it continues to live strong in the hearts and minds of nannies across the country, and internationally. Today, International Nanny Recognition Week is an international effort chaired by Angela Jackson and Kellie Geres, veteran nannies with over 60 years of combined experience.

We’ve heard so many stories of gratitude from families over the last year and a half of their nannies stepping up in newly-imagined ways to support and care for their families. From becoming homeschooling teachers to pitching in with extra tasks around the house, and overall being a much-needed caregiver to children during this turbulent time, nannies have never played a more crucial role in our family’s lives.

For some nannies, International Nanny Recognition Week may be a revered holiday – the one week of the year when they are acknowledged and thanked a little more often than usual – while some nannies have never heard of International Nanny Recognition Week at all! If your children have been cared for by a nanny this past year, now is your chance to honor that special person and demonstrate how much you have appreciated their help during this challenging and unpredictable time! Here are a few stress-free ways you can make your nanny feel a little extra appreciated next week.





Simple Gifts:

The thought that goes into the gift matters far more than the gift. Consider having flowers sent to your home while your nanny is working, or ordering them a special meal during one of their shifts. If your children don’t provide much downtime in the day, support a local business and give a gift certificate to a favorite restaurant offering take-out or delivery. Put a bow on a fancy bottle of wine, and get a gift card to a streaming service for them to rent a movie and if possible, let them leave work a little early on Friday!





Involve Your Children In The Celebration:

Have your family create a sign or banner for Monday morning. Write little notes for your nanny to find throughout the house. Have each family member sign a thank you card to tell your family’s nanny how appreciated they are. If you have extra time or that creative itch, make a small photo book of memories and photos you’ve shared together, and slip some cash into the cover. Designing a book online has never been easier, with many websites offering high-resolution photo uploads and expedited shipping!





Give A Pandemic Bonus:

While your family may not have changed the weekly hours each week, chances are, your family’s nanny has needed to up their energy and positivity game significantly! Just as businesses give quarterly bonuses when goals are met, your home has likely gone through several changes to adapt to these times, requiring your family’s nanny to rise up to these challenges! If your family is financially stable during this time, providing an unexpected cash bonus now will help show how grateful you are for their attitude and extra efforts during these stress-filled days.





Give Back On Their Behalf:

Yes, “cash is king”, but sometimes, cash gifts can make nannies and families feel uncomfortable. Families are concerned that they may be inadvertently setting a precedent they aren’t set up to repeat or don’t want to have taken for granted. An easy way to avoid this and to show your gratitude is to make a donation to a non-profit or cause that is near and dear to your nanny’s heart. Nanny Relief Fund was founded at the beginning of the pandemic and has given out over $40,000 in grants to nannies experiencing need during the COVID-19 pandemic so far. Your nanny may already have non-profits they have supported or volunteered at in the past in your community, and making a donation in their honor to these groups shows that not only do you care about your nanny, but you are also aware of and invested in supporting the causes that matter to them.





Invest In Their Professional Development: 

Do you know of a training or area of interest your family’s nanny has been curious about?   Providing resources for them to pursue further education is a wonderful gift to add on to the others mentioned above! And, as an added bonus, this is an excellent way to establish longevity in your nanny’s role with your family and help them to be continuously engaged in learning more about their work. Nannying unfortunately does not have a lot of the career development or mentorship opportunities that come with corporate jobs – it takes a little more effort on all sides for these opportunities to be created! Showing that you are invested in their career development and future, and value their education, will leave a lasting impression on your caregiver. There are also more opportunities available online right now than ever, with educational platforms shifting to digital learning due to COVID-19. Here are a few of our favorite online programs for professional development for caregivers:





Simply Say “Thank You”:

When approaching milestones or holidays, it can often feel stressful, overwhelming, or just like one more thing on a to-do list. However, it’s free and easy to say thank you! The symbol of appreciation that often leaves a lasting memory is the thoughtful words shared at the end of a long day or the extra moment it takes to express gratitude for all the ways your nanny improves your family’s quality of life. Pick 5 things you appreciate about your family’s nanny, and at the end of each day during International Nanny Recognition Week, express your gratitude. Nannies are so often teachers, coaches, summer camp counselors, relatable role models, tutors, and nurses to your children and to your entire family, and the only wrong way to show your appreciation is to not show it at all!






How do you celebrate your incredible nanny during International Nanny Recognition Week and throughout the year? We’d love to hear about your experiences – reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and check out the other posts on the blog!

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