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How To Make This Spring Break One That Your Nanny Kids Will Remember





Spring Break is coming right up, and soon you’ll have more hours each day with your school-aged nanny kids and you may be ready to research some alternative ways to keep them engaged throughout their time away from school.

We’ve scoured the internet and questioned all of our most creative nannies and educators, and we’ve tailored a quick list of some easy and fun activities that you and your nanny kids can tackle today, all with household supplies that you’ve likely got lying around.

If you don’t have the tools necessary to fulfill the project, have the kids improvise! Developing supplies is such a valuable process for kids, so offer some inspirational alternatives if they run into any roadblocks.




Make A Mini Version Of Your Favorite Room


Use a shoebox if you’ve got one, and grab old magazines, paper bags, and cardboard to replicate your favorite room as a detailed diorama.




Bury A Secret Treasure, Then Design A Map To Find It


Whether it’s a tangible object or a secret written on paper, take your special treasure and dig a hole to bury it. Draw a detailed map of the location and let someone start hunting for it!




 Make Your Own Inspired Masterpiece


Who is your favorite artist? Do you have a favorite piece from their collection? Now is your chance to recreate it or your version of it with whatever supplies make the most sense to you!




Create An Arcade Game Out Of Scraps


Rather than get sucked into video games made by other people, why not come up with your own unique video game, then design the way you think it should look as an arcade and build it out of cardboard!





Find 10 Different Types Of Local Plants


When the weather is nice, head outside and find at least 10 different kinds of native vegetation, then try to identify them online using one of the many websites dedicated to that purpose. If possible, consider selecting some native flora and fauna and creating a planting box with your nanny kids — there are tons of great resources to help you get started!





Design A Selfie Collage


Find any and all potential art supplies in the house that you love and work them into a collage that represents your interests, personality, character, etc.








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