Interested In Becoming An Adventure Nanny? Here's What We're Looking For!

Interested In Becoming An Adventure Nanny? Here’s What We’re Looking For!





Childcare and education are some of the most important jobs on the planet, and here at Adventure Nannies, we are committed to working hard to connect you and your valuable experience as a nanny, newborn care specialist, or educator with the perfect family.


The families that choose to work with us recognize the great importance and skills required to be a high-level educator or caregiver. These are serious jobs that require serious preparation, and we are here to give you all the tools you will need to succeed.

Before being presented to a family, there are several more steps in our competitive vetting process. The families we choose to work with are extremely selective, and though many nannies who are experienced caregivers do not advance to our final stages of screening, we want to help you make the cut!




Here is what we are looking for along the way:


Timely and Professional Communication

When requesting a form, resume, application, or interview confirmation from you, we expect to hear back within the same business day. Treat the agency and our employees as you would treat your future employers. We like reading emails that begin with a ‘hello’ and end with a formal sign-off. We also note your spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and tone. Candidates who choose to communicate unprofessionally or are consistently difficult to get in touch with are not successful in finding a position through Adventure Nannies.




Following Directions and Self-Reliance

At each step of the application and interview process, we will send out detailed guidelines and instructions to help you succeed and move to the next round. Please add Adventure Nannies’ email addresses to your contacts so our messages don’t go to spam! A huge part of any nanny or private educator role is the ability to follow directions. As such, we expect you to be able to complete your Candidate Profile, sign our Applicant Agreement, and provide us with at least five childcare-related references who are ready to be contacted. We are happy to answer tech-related questions as they come up, but encourage you to try to find a solution on your own first. We are unable to work with candidates who are unable to complete our application materials on their own. In order to complete our agency interview and application packet, you will need access to a computer and a smartphone/tablet or webcam.




Good Manners

Realize that we are providing a service and our main point of focus is finding the right match between our amazing families and applicants. There is no room within our roster for candidates who are entitled, aggressive, or rude. Our process has been fine-tuned over hundreds of placements and there are no corners to cut when moving through our application process. Because of this, we do not invest time into vetting applicants who are impatient, demanding, insulting, or threatening to any member of our team.




Professionally Appropriate Social Media

One of the first steps in our vetting process while preparing to present you to families (and one of the first things our families will do when deciding whether or not to interview you) will be reviewing your social media and web presence. We recommend privatizing your accounts.

We screen for the following:

  • Lots of ‘partying’ photos
  • References to overconsumption of alcohol or drug use (including smoking cigarettes)
  • Speaking negatively about a past employer
  • Inappropriate language (any words you would not say in front of a child)
  • Hate speech
  • Disclosures of possibly confidential information
  • Nudity / inappropriate dress
  • Anything else that exhibits poor judgment for a professional nanny




Agency Interview

Everyone who is being considered for an Adventure Nannies position must first pass a preliminary agency interview. This is the first of several interviews you will have throughout the process. After confirming a time for an agency interview, set a calendar alert for yourself. If you need to reschedule for any reason, please notify us at least 24hrs in advance of the appointment time. Failure to make this appointment will result in immediate disqualification from future positions. During your agency interview, you should be in a well-lit room free of distractions. Do not schedule your interview during a time that you are working, distracted, with other people in the room, or in your car.

The position you are applying for is a professional job, and we are looking for candidates who are able to conduct themselves professionally. Wear whatever you would wear to your first day of work at a high-level nannying or teaching position. Be prepared to answer questions about yourself, your resume, and why you are interested in pursuing a professional childcare career.

At the time of your agency interview, we are simply determining if you will be a good representative of Adventure Nannies and possess the qualities our families are seeking. At this stage of the process, we are unable to disclose additional information that is not already noted in the job description. Questions that you may have about a job or a family will be answered once your initial vetting has been completed and we are preparing to introduce you to families.





We truly value each one of our candidates and appreciate the amount of time and education you have invested into your childcare and teaching career. If for some reason, you do not pass your screening call, we encourage you to review our candidate resources for some tips to improve your competitive edge. Best of luck with your career search, and we hope to work with you!




Do you still have questions about becoming an Adventure Nanny? We’d love to hear from you – reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and check out the other posts on the blog!

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