Montessori Homeschool Summit: Tips For Creating Your In-Home Montessori Classroom




This fall, our team attended the Montessori Homeschool Summit. We have created a Montessori blog series to highlight our main takeaways from the summit for Adventure Nannies families, nannies, and private educators. 


Keep It Low!

One of the core values of Montessori education is the independence of the child. When creating a Montessori environment, make sure that everything within the space is accessible and comfortable for the children who will be using it. 




Be Sure To Represent The Child In The Classroom

Ashley (@ashspeedteaches) and D. Ann, of Queer Consultants, both shared that it is important for the family and child to be represented within the classroom- think: religious books that the child can identify with, displaying heirlooms like quilts and family and having items that create cultural heritage, like books in a parent’s native language or a flag. This helps the child in building their identity and creates a sense of belonging in their space. 




Use What You Have

When picturing the Montessori environment,  many of us imagine the beautifully constructed wooden furniture that is often used in classrooms. As noted by Beth of @ourmontessorilife, families who are homeschooling in the short-term, these additions might not be worth the investment. As per the Montessori way, parents and caregivers should consider cost, time, and how the materials will be used before purchasing. What materials should you have at home?




Observe The Child

Observing the child is the best way to know what you need to bring into their environment. Do they show interest in cleaning? Perhaps a window cleaning station or small broom would be a great addition. Do they enjoy working on science experiments? Feature and make frequently used supplies easily accessible to the child.




Thanks for reading our Montessori series! We’ve loved sharing our insights into Montessori home learning with you. If you’re homeschooling this year, we’d love to hear more about how you have prepared your home classroom. Connect with us on Instagram at @adventurenannies! A big thank you to all of the summit speakers. 

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