Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Mom Boss

Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Make For Your Boss

Our friends at Artifact Uprising make it easy buy providing a gorgeous and easy platform to turn your i-phone photos into life-long treasures for her. From photo boxes, to books, to calender’s, you can’t go wrong with these!

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Make a short music video of her favorite song staring her kid(s) film it with your i-phone and email it to her on Mother’s day! If you can’t think of a song, tape her kids telling you all about how wonderful she is.

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Draw a comic strip and record fun moment her kids remember from her. This will make her laugh, and is small enough she can keep it in a memory box (or frame it!)

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Put together a picnic basket with her favorite things in it (according to her kids!) and leave it for her this weekend. She can get some quality time with her babes, outside, and without having to prep a thing! Optional: Include a sweet note about what a good mom she is from you, too!

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What are you doing for your mom boss this Mother’s Day? Let us know at!