Nanny Recognition Week: Meet Allison!

Although Nanny Recognition Week has officially ended (hello, October!) our love for our nannies goes on and on. Today, we are honoring an amazing & experienced private educator & Adventure Nanny  from Los Angeles…

Meet Allison!



Adventure Nannies: Tell us 5 fun facts about you!



1. Prior to my career as a nanny, I was a classroom teacher and tutor. When I transitioned into work as a nanny/ private educator 10 years ago, I knew I had found my niche!

2. I have been an avid runner since I was 12 years old and have raced distances from 5k to a marathon.I also enjoy biking and kayaking. Exercising in nature is a wonderful stress reliever!

3. I have traveled to 37 countries.  Whether alone or as an Adventure Nanny, I love exploring new cultures and landscapes. The next time I take an extended trip, I want to visit South America.

4. I enjoy singing and playing acoustic guitar.

5. I embrace minimalism. I pack light, donate unused items, and keep my personal spaces free of clutter.


Adventure Nannies: What has been your favorite “I love my job” moment?


Allison: My favorite nanny job moment was realizing I could combine my passion of working with children with travel. It has been an exciting journey to realize education is not confined to the classroom and can happen anywhere!


Adventure Nannies: Describe the best nanny adventure you’ve had to date.


Allison: My trip to Bucerias, Mexico with 4 little boys comes to mind. I remember exploring the colorful town market, ordering ice cream in broken Spanish, having swimming races in the pool, and digging through the sand together during our beach scavenger hunt. In the evenings we would watch the sunset then snuggle up and read.


Adventure Nannies: What are the top 3 things you’ve learned as a nanny?



  1. Every family has unique needs and perspectives. This work has honed my ability to be flexible and creative in how to best assist each one.
  1. Organization! Whether it’s finding the perfect travel backpack so I can be hands free with the kids or how the play room is arranged, I employ a variety of techniques to make life run more smoothly. This is also a great life skill to teach kids and pays off immensely as they grow!
  1. A healthy personal life is essential. Nannies often work long hours and erratic schedules. During my downtime, I make self care a priority. Exercise, proper nutrition, sleep, and connecting with loved ones provide the balance a caregiver needs.


Adventure Nannies: What advice would you like to impart on new nannies/private educators just starting out in their careers?


Allison: Talk with seasoned nannies and a high quality nanny agency about the industry. Work with children in any way you can (camp counselor, babysitter, etc.) and build on that experience to secure your first nanny position.