Nanny Recognition Week: Christine!

It’s National Nanny Recognition Week, and to show our appreciation for the fine men and women who represent Adventure Nannies, we are highlighting some of our favorite nannies (we love you all!!) and chatting with them about what they love most about this incredible line of work. Today we’d like to introduce you to….

Meet Christine G.! 

christine 2

Adventure Nannies: Tell us about your favorite I love my job moment.

Christine: My favorite moments have always circled around a child succeeding or breaking through a barrier with behavior modification work. Seeing a child succeed and start to bloom into the person that they will grow up to become leaves me in awe every time. Children are far more capable and intelligent than they are frequently given credit. Helping to create a compassionate, strong, and independent child is an incredible gift. Seeing a child stand up to peer pressure, show compassion for another, letting their wall come down and connecting hearts with another child are a few of the moments I treasure.

Adventure Nannies: Tell us about the best nanny adventure you’ve ever had.

Christine: Allowing a 13 year old (with her father’s permission, of course!) drive me around on a jet ski. She insisted that I didn’t need to hold on to her but that I just could hold onto the seat. Well, after flying off a jetski going 39 mph needless to say I held on to her for the duration of her jet ski chauffeuring time. (Should you want to know the experience of landing on the water, without actually having the bruises, flying off a jet ski going 39 mph if feels like landing on a slip ‘n’ slide on top of a concrete basketball court. Now you know 😉 It was incredible though to see Cape Cod scenery from the jet ski though! Well worth the arnica usage!

Adventure Nannies: What are the top 3 things you have learned from being a nanny?


1. Never under any circumstance say that you have seen it all. That is the day that a child will succeed in doing something that renders you speechless!

2. Extraordinary amounts of patience and waiting some things out. It is important to take a step back and see the large picture.

3. Lastly, enjoy every single minute and laugh. There are many things that you can just let slide and enjoy the moment of a child scream singing their favorite song while walking home from school, dressing up in a tutu to go to the park, playing seek and find like you are a treasure hunter at the grocery store. Seek out the joy and live it!

Adventure Nannies: What advice would you give to a new nanny/ private educator?

Christine: Nannies by nature are giver and nurturers, however, self care and making sure you are taken care of in contracts and jobs is extremely important. In order to perform your best and be your best for the children you must make sure to really love and nurture yourself also.