Nanny Recognition Week (continued) Meet Emily!

Have we mentioned how much we love our nannies? Here’s one who is especially near and dear to our hearts.

Meet Emily!


Emily is a nanny/educator in Boulder and a passionate advocate for women and men using nanny jobs as a legitimate stepping stone in their career paths.

Her first piece of advice for nannies who are new to the field? “Transform your position into the job that enables you to do all of the things you have ever wanted to do.”


Adventure Nannies: Tell us about your favorite “I love my job!” moment.


Emily: Not a week ago, my Nanny Toddler and I went on an enjoyable stroll downtown to get “smoodies.”  It was a glorious day and we were casually admiring the changing color of the leaves and the different late summer blooms that had popped up on our usual walk.  She remembers the names of several varieties, which feels especially rewarding to someone who considers themselves a “plant person.”  When we got home with our freshly blended drinks, she sat at the kitchen counter to watch me get prepared for dinner.  We were chatting and musing, when I heard a great “POP!”  I swung around to make sure she hadn’t fallen, and when it was clear she was in good health – minus the wide-eyes – I realized she had simply knocked her smoothie onto the ground.  We gasped and giggled, because it was a terrible mess that made its way all the way into the hallway.  It looked as though there had been some horrible massacre with the bright berry red splattered all over the crisp white walls.  When all was cleaned and with a few last straw-fulls salvaged we continued on with our evening.  It wasn’t until nearly an hour later that something caught my attention from the corner of my eye.  The smoothie had made its way 12 feet into the air, and had absolutely plastered the ceiling!  It was in this moment I thought to myself, “I love me job.”


Adventure Nannies: Describe the most exciting adventure you’ve had as a nanny.


Emily: My three Nanny Kids and I made it three hours across the Atlantic Ocean before we were abruptly told over our dinner that we would be turning around due to some “unforeseen circumstances.”  It was quite the adventure, and one we were proud to say was handled with grace across all ages – 3, 10, 12, and adults alike.  We ultimately found the sun and sandy coasts we were after, but what’s the destination worth without the journey that leads to it?


Adventure Nannies: What are the top 3 things you have learned from being a nanny?

Emily: In no particular order, I am constantly learning (and re-learning) that patience is indeed a virtue, boundaries elevate freedom, and the gift of guidance and support is invaluable.


Adventure Nannies: What advice do you have for nannies just breaking into the childcare game?


Emily My advice to new nannies and educators is to transform your position into the job that enables you to do all of the things you have ever wanted to do.  Your strongest and happiest self will be what makes the most impact on your Nanny Family’s life, and this will ultimately bring the most reward to both of your experiences.