Pro Tips For Working With A High-Profile Family

Pro Tips For Working With A High-Profile Family




Welcome To The High-Profile Nanny Club!


  • The first rule of the High-Profile Nanny Club is: you don’t talk about the High-Profile Nanny Club. Your discretion is one of the most important parts of your job. When working with a high-profile family, it can also be one of the hardest parts to maintain. Sure, you work for an amazing family, and the stories are worthy of making the press, but these are not yours to share. Keep these moments safe and untold. Feeling tempted to share? Read over your confidentiality agreement, and think of the sobering consequences that follow loose lips.





  • Foreseeing The Future Is One Of Your Superpowers. Your family’s needs should be taken care of before they even knew they had them! Learn how to read signals, anticipate what needs to happen next, and intuitively move with the flow of the family. Is the dishwasher empty? Did you pack an emergency snack bag in case of delays? Is the house stocked with everything you need and possibly some delightful surprises?





  • Boundaries Are Your Allies. Respect privacy. Err on the side of formal, particularly in the relationship-building phase of your position. Treat all spaces and conversations with the utmost respect. Conversations do not require your contribution unless you are invited to participate. Your needs do not trump the needs of your family or your charges. Make sure they are taken care of first.





  • Assume Nothing. If you helped mom prepare for a big dinner party, do not assume you will have a spot at the table, and wish her an amazing evening. Is there anything else you can do for her? Are you unsure about how to behave in a certain situation? Err on the side of caution and make sure to resolve any hesitancy at the earliest convenience of the family.





  • Be Your Own Source Of Information. Make sure you exhaust every resource besides your employer before asking them unless you have reached a special agreement ahead of time to reach out to them directly. Are you wondering how an appliance works?  Look up the user manual or ask another staff member. Be as self-sufficient as possible.





  • Follow The Chain Of Command. Know who to go to if something goes wrong.  Clarify this at the start of your job and do your best to meet the communication expectations. Know where to address non-emergency problems. Be resourceful! Fully staffed homes are well-oiled machines, and you don’t want to be the object to throw it out of whack. Families run like businesses, know your employee handbook like the back of your hand.




  • Don’t Mistake Their Life For Yours. You are a witness to their life, not a participant. There is no doubting the perks of your job, but it is important to enjoy them humbly and graciously. Be aware of when to step in and when to step out.




  • Gossip Is Your Arch Nemesis. Speaking negatively with or about your family, about anything, about anyone, will ensure a short-lived and unsuccessful future with your family. Not happy? Feeling annoyed with how something is going? Communicate clearly and respectfully with the person directly when appropriate, and avoid all gossip.




  • Grace And Subtlety Are What You Exude. Handle all situations as coolly and calmly as possible. See your celebrity crush? Good for you. Scream and giggle about it in the privacy of your own home. This lifestyle, their lifestyle needs to be handled with care, and you’ll want to do your best to keep your face and emotions under control.





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