Three Ways Adventure Nannies is Re-shaping the Nanny Industry


  1. We have high standards for both our families and nannies, and deliver the best for both. It goes without saying that our nannies are held to high standards, but so are our families. We’ve developed a protocol for success that must be followed by both parties in order to create a sustainable relationship. We hold our families to high standards so our nannies can rest assured they are taking a job that supports them, and is in a safe environment. We are often asked by nannies if we’ve ever turned down a client. Yes, we have.
  2. We go to the ends of the earth for our clients. Literally. We stop at nothing to find the best of the best. We’ve been known travel to multiple states, shadow nannies at their work place, and screen hundreds of applicants before hand selecting the top 3. Our nannies have been recruited from Google, NOLS, Girl’s Leadership, The Denver School of Science and Technology, Teach for America, and beyond. We are proud of our unconventional recruitment strategies, because no other agency finds unicorns like we do.
  3. We believe nannies makes families stronger. Hiring a nanny empowers both partners to continue their careers and interests without their kids missing out. It truly takes a village, and we represent the best villagers out there. Children thrive from being loved by multiple caretakers, and parents thrive when they can take care of themselves as well as their children. We look at nannies as mentors and educators for families, and are leading the industry in re-defining the perception of childcare providers.