Tour Diaries Of A Travel Nanny: Part One

Tour Diaries Of A Travel Nanny: Part One


5 Shocking Things About Bus Life That Every Tour Nanny Should Know



As the original Adventure Nanny with over a decade of experience traveling with kids, I want to help other travel nannies and tour nannies feel prepared for their expeditions.

My family and I have spent the last year traveling with our now 14-month-old and our wonderful Adventure Nanny, Meaghan. Now we’re continuing on the road for an exciting tour with my husband Wes, and his band The Lumineers, and I’ll be checking in here on the blog, and offering some insights and advice along the way. Keep reading to check out some shocking realities of being a tour nanny, particularly in relation to bus life. It’s guaranteed to be an exciting, life-changing experience, but there are some things that you’d never expect, and that’s what I’m here to share.

Plan Your Bathroom Trips

This may come as a huge shock to you, but you can’t exactly poop on the tour bus. seriously. If you do, you have to tell the bus driver who will then have to stop the bus to clean it out immediately. Make sure you go before you leave the venue, or ask the driver to stop at a gas station if at all possible!




Pack For All Seasons

The tour bus is always unbelievably freezing. It actually has to stay extra cold to combat bacteria growth, germs and smells in the shared living space. So no matter how hot it is outside, and regardless of where the tour may take you, be sure to bring a sweater and lots of cozy socks.




The Necessity Of HVAC

Another big shock for most tour bus 1st timers is that the bus is literally always on. It seems like a huge waste (and it is), but it has to be on 24/7 to keep the bus at that aforementioned chilly temp. If the HVAC system turns off the tour bus could become a giant petri dish with bacterial overgrowth, and everyone could get extremely sick, not to mention how disgusting and smelly that hot trip would be! Needless to say, keeping the bus on is a real necessity.




Set That Alarm

This sounds basic and obvious, but between the black-out curtains on everyone’s bunk and the white noise of the bus, it’s very easy to sleep in until 2pm. Shows are often happening late and it’s difficult to maintain a schedule, so if you are on the job, DON’T FORGET TO SET AN ALARM! Otherwise, you may find yourself embarrassingly late to your shift.




Feet Forward For A Reason

This was such a funny thing to see for the first time, but once you understand the purpose it makes perfect sense. Everyone sleeps with their feet facing forward in the bus, every single night. This is a rule set in place in case there is an accident to make sure that your legs take the impact. Accidents in tour buses are uncommon because as you might imagine, tour managers are careful to hire the most experienced and highly professional drivers.

Thanks for following along on our tour, keep your eyes peeled for the next diary entry, and happy travels!







Tour Diaries Of A Travel Nanny is a blog series featuring dispatches from the road from our founder Brandy. She’s currently on tour with her son Lenny and husband Wes, along with his band The Lumineers. Brandy is the original Adventure Nanny who spent years on the road and in the air traveling with other wonderful families, and now she’s thrilled to share some of her best practices, and what she’s learned as a first-time mother now that she’s able to step back thanks to the help of her fabulous Adventure Nanny, Meaghan. 




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