Tour Diaries Of A Travel Nanny: Part Two

Travel Nanny Supplies That Are Worth The Hype



I’ll admit I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to baby travel gear. As the original Adventure Nanny with over a decade of experience traveling with kids, my firm belief has always been bring as little as possible.

My family and I have spent the last year traveling with our now 14-month-old and our wonderful Adventure Nanny, Meaghan.  I followed my own advice for the first couple of trips and then started investing in a few choice products that would simplify things. Now we’re continuing on the road for an exciting tour with my husband Wes, and his band The Lumineers, and I’ll be checking in here on the blog, and offering some insights and advice along the way. Keep reading to check out my top 3 travel gear purchases that have made a huge difference in the way we travel with little ones.



The Snooz



The Snooz white noise sound machine! This is a must when staying in hotels, or for us most recently on Frenchman St in New Orleans! The reasons we like this more than other noise machines are:

1.You can control it from your phone (no sneaking in and out of their space to turn it up or on)

2.It’s a real fan inside. Other sound machines get under people’s skin because it’s a looped noise that’s irritating to listen to after a while. This one never gets to me.

3.It’s super durable and easy to travel with. If we know it’s going to be a loud trip, we bring two. One for inside his room and one for outside the door.  

Get it here!



The Doona



This is a car seat that easily turns into a stroller. Here’s why we like it!

1. You don’t need the base when using it as a car seat. It is very easy to travel with and oh-so-convenient for hopping in and out of Ubers and taxis.

2. It’s airline approved and fits easily through the TSA scanners. You can use it on the plane if you buy baby a seat or just gate check it like a regular stroller if you didn’t.

3. Unlike most strollers we’ve used, it is extremely easy to convert it from a car seat to a stroller. It just takes a few seconds!

Get it here!



Lotus Everywhere Travel Crib

We’ve been using this since our kid was born. Its been everywhere with us. Here’s what sets it apart:

1. The bassinette is a real bassinette. and unlike a Doc-a-Tot, it is certified for safe sleep. This gave us great peace of mind while traveling with our little guy.

2. It’s super compact and light compared to other portable sleepers. Especially compared to a pack-n-play. It’s also very easy to set up!

3. The case turns into a backpack which frees up hands to carry more important things-like your baby!

4. I love the side zipper for this- I can open it up and snuggle with our little guy if he needs some extra love.

Get it here!




Tour Diaries Of A Travel Nanny is a blog series featuring dispatches from the road from our founder Brandy. She’s currently on tour with her son Lenny and husband Wes, along with his band The Lumineers. Brandy is the original Adventure Nanny who spent years on the road and in the air traveling with other wonderful families, and now she’s thrilled to share some of her best practices, and what she’s learned as a first-time mother now that she’s able to step back thanks to the help of her fabulous Adventure Nanny, Meaghan. 



What are some of your nanny must-haves for traveling, or in general? We’d love to hear about your favorite tools, resources, and more!

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