Position Filled – Adventurous, Experienced, Travel-Ready Private Educator Needed For Loving Family



An adventurous family that splits their time between NYC, Alaska, and the Caribbean, is seeking a travel-ready private educator for their 9 and 7-year-old girls for at least a 2 year commitment!


This on-the-go and loving family has a truly adventurous spirit. Operating a heli-ski resort in Alaska from February through May, they spend their time during the off season in NYC or the Caribbean, and are always ready to travel at the drop of a hat. Their two daughters are similarly active, love to ski and swim, and are adaptable to any environment. Both girls have language-based learning delays and currently attend an intimate special education school in NYC. Come this winter break, the family will be transitioning the girls into private education! The family works with a private education consultant and are excited to add a private educator to their team who can collaborate with their consultant to develop unique and tailored curriculum for their girls as they travel the world.


The ideal candidate for this role will have a degree in special education, and at least 1 year of classroom experience (inclusion classroom experience a huge plus!). As the girls thrive when their learning environment is separate from their home, the family has built a school house in Alaska and are excited to collaborate with their educator to create an ideal “classroom” in NYC and the Caribbean. Ultimate flexibility will be essential as the family’s adventurous travel plans can shift at a moment’s notice! They hope to have a candidate jump in this upcoming fall to get to know the girls, work with their private education consultant to develop curriculum, then kick off the spring “semester” in Alaska! A candidate who is ready to travel, to apply their knowledge of learning delays, and can be a supportive and inspiring educator will thrive in this position.


This is a full-time, live-out position with accommodations provided year-round. The general schedule will include 40-50 hours per week, with hours falling on Mondays through Fridays with 9am-4pm being active classroom time and 1 hour per day for lesson planning and communicating with parents and consultant. Annualized earning potential of $80K-$120K DOE, in addition to accommodations and meals while working! The family is also willing to discuss additional benefits, such as paid time off, sick days, and assistance with heathcare, if needed. The position will ideally begin in November 2019 if not sooner!


This position is open to all Adventure Nanny candidates who are legally able to work in the US, possess a valid driver’s license and passport, and have a bachelor’s degree in special education. This family is happy to consider relocation candidates for this position. Out of respect for the privacy of the families we work with, we cannot provide any additional information about this position other than what has already been provided in the job description. If you are interested in learning more about the position, please apply!


  • Research, develop, and implement tailored curriculum for each child that builds off their strengths and weaknesses
  • Collaborate with parents and their private education consultant to create curriculum and ensure milestones are being met
  • Work with family to create a supportive and educationally-focused learning environment that is separate from the family’s home
  • Present learning objectives and regular reports to the parents in a detailed and organized manner
  • Be ready to travel at a moment’s notice and flexible to schedule and travel changes
  • Be a supportive, consistent, and inspiring educator and team member for the family


  • A valid driver’s license
  • A valid passport
  • Bachelor’s degree in special education
  • Preference for candidates with at least 1 year of classroom experience
  • Experience in an inclusion classroom a huge plus!
  • Experience with ADD/ADHD and working with learning delays
  • Ultimate flexibility to travel at a moment’s notice and adjust to schedule/travel changes
  • Professional and respectful around the family’s lodge, as the candidate will be representing the family
  • An adventurous, travel-ready spirit!
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