Manhattan/Westchester Family Seeking Interactive, Engaging Nanny


An easygoing, kind family based in Manhattan, NY and Westchester is seeking a playful, energetic, and engaging nanny to help care for their 2-year-old and infant twins!


Based in the Midtown East area of Manhattan, this lovely family welcomed their newborn twins in March. They have worked with an Adventure Nanny in the past to rave reviews and they look forward to welcoming a new person to hopefully grow with their family for years to come. As their family grows, they are hopeful to find a nanny who can provide interactive care primarily for their toddler while the mother takes maternity leave through spring 2022. Their daughter is energetic and playful and loves animals, especially the family’s sweet greyhound pup! Her parents are passionate about providing a supportive home environment where their children can explore for themselves and learn through fun-filled, child-led play. The family has an additional property in Westchester, NY with a great outdoor space and separate living quarters which they primarily visit on weekends. They expect to relocate there for a minimum of 6 months beginning in the late summer or fall while their home in NYC undergoes a renovation; they are open to their nanny living in full-time or only during on-days during this renovation period.


This position is ideal for a candidate who is passionate about playful, interactive care for young children. The family is eager to work with a nanny who can be fully attentive and engaging with their toddler in a low-stress, curious manner, as well as jump in and support the infants as needed. After maternity leave and the end of the pandemic, the family is committed to strategizing together how to safely balance the care of all 3 children. Everyone works together in this collaborative home, and the family hopes for a nanny who won’t mind jumping in as a pillar of support, pitching in to the general tidiness of the home and prepping simple, vegetarian meals. A candidate who is collaborative, helpful, and takes initiative will thrive in this role for years to come! An appropriate level of commitment to personal precautions surrounding the pandemic is very important to this family.


Position Details

  • Hours/Schedule: Full-time guaranteeing 50 hours per week. The general schedule will fall on Mondays through Fridays from 8:30am to 6:30pm. If possible, flexibility to provide coverage on a weekend day will be appreciated.
  • Live-in/Live-out: Live-in or out. If live-in, accommodations include a private bedroom and private bathroom in a separate area of the family’s apartment in NYC, and a private guest cottage in Westchester. Additionally if live-in, the position will preferably transition to live-out in Spring 2022 after the NYC renovation is complete.
  • Compensation and Benefits: The family is offering $1200-$1300/week in gross earnings (with applicable overtime included) in addition to healthcare contributions, PTO, and sick days.
  • Start Date: The position will begin as soon as the family finds the perfect fit, ideally by mid-May.
  • Other Notes: Driving is not required but a plus in this role, and the family will be providing a nanny vehicle while on duty if needed. This position will require the candidate to live-in with the family (either during on-days or full-time depending on candidate preference) in Westchester (about an hour outside NYC) while the family’s NYC apartment is renovated, 6 months minimum.


  • Create a stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment for the children
  • Assist with the children’s morning, afternoon, and evening routines
  • Supervise child’s activities at all times – engage with and be present physically and mentally
  • Jump in and provide support with infant care as needed
  • Engage the children in age-appropriate, fun-filled activities throughout the day
  • Pitch in to the general tidiness of the home, and maintain child’s areas and belongings
  • Assist with preparing vegetarian meals as needed


  • At least 3 years of professional, full-time childcare experience
  • Valid driver’s license preferred
  • Willing and able to comply with the family’s COVID-19 safety protocols and open to vaccination when it becomes available within applicable law
  • Passion for playful and interactive care for energetic, fun-loving toddlers
  • Past experience caring for multiple children, including toddler age
  • Experience with infants is a big plus!
  • Ability to accompany family to second home during their renovation period, either living-in full-time, or only during the weekdays
  • Dog friendly!


This position is open to all Adventure Nannies candidates who are legally able to work in the US. Out of respect for the privacy of the families we work with, we cannot provide any additional information about this position other than what has already been provided in the job description. If you are interested in learning more about the position, please apply!


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