Nurturing, Fun-Filled Nanny Needed For Warm New York City Family


A heart-filled, friendly, and dynamic family of four based in East Hampton and (eventually) Brooklyn, NY is seeking an enthusiastic, playful, and gentle nanny to care for 3.5 and 18-month-old children!


This close-knit family looks forward to collaborating with their new nanny as they cultivate an atmosphere of kindness, communication, and exploration. Their 3.5-year-old daughter is inquisitive, loving, and outgoing, loves to read, and enjoys outdoor playtime each day. She currently attends a small, outdoor school pod 3 days per week. Their toddler son is fast-moving and enamored with his big sister, keeping observant eyes on her and learning and growing along with her. This family has created a balanced and supportive home with an openness to different childcare philosophies; they maintain a screen-free environment and focus heavily on music, crafts, cooking and baking, and educational games and storytime. For the duration of the pandemic, the family is living in their home in East Hampton, possibly through the fall of 2021. They hope to find an experienced candidate who can bring a serene confidence and a high level of creativity to their joyful, learning-based home.


This position is ideal for a candidate who is creative, warm, and nurturing, enjoys being an extension of the parents, and is able to come up with fun activities for both indoors and outdoors. A candidate with early childhood experience who will be energetic and playful will thrive in this family’s harmonious home. The family travels frequently in normal times; once the pandemic situation improves and they move back to Brooklyn, they will continue to spend all summer in the Hamptons, so the ability to be on-the-go with them is key. Having a team mentality and pitch-in attitude is also valued, such as assisting in light tidying-up around the home and preparing healthy, gluten-free meals daily for the children. It is a plus if candidates speak a second language, have their own car to commute weekly to work, or have a higher education degree or training in the RIE approach. The family is prioritizing a candidate who is able to have a professional attitude for day-to-day tasks while bringing a loving, firm, and respectful presence into the children’s lives they can learn from as they grow.


Position Details

  • Hours/Schedule: Full-time guaranteeing 40 hours per week with some overtime opportunities available with advanced notice. Hours will generally fall on Mondays through Fridays from 10am to 6pm.
  • Live-in/Live-out: Live-in during on days, live-out during off days. The position will transition to live-out full-time once the the family returns to Brooklyn, which is predicted to be Fall 2021.
  • Compensation and Benefits: The family is offering a competitive compensation of $30-$35/hour gross, plus an additional $300/week travel stipend for commuting to the Hamptons. Additional benefits include healthcare assistance, PTO, and sick days.
  • Start Date: The position will begin as soon as the family finds the perfect fit!
  • Other Notes: Driving is required and a vehicle will be provided while on duty in the Hamptons. A personal vehicle for commuting to and from work is a big plus, though not required, as the family will be happy to discuss alternate commuting strategies. Should the candidate use their own vehicle, they will discuss offering a gas/mileage reimbursement if needed. Strong swimming skills are also important for both the pool and ocean.


  • Engage in and research local developmental opportunities including park outings, artistic classes, and other community events
  • Prepare healthy and gluten-free meals for the children each day as well as support the children’s feeding and sleeping routines
  • Bring a calming and kind atmosphere into the home while contributing expertise to child-rearing and learning opportunities
  • Collaborate with parents and other staff to ensure continuity of care
  • Have flexibility and a pitch-in attitude for general upkeep of the home, as well as some light pet-care
  • Travel safely with the family and take on overtime hours with advanced notice
  • Maintain safety practices surrounding the pandemic


  • At least 5 years of professional, full-time childcare experience working with toddler and early childhood age ranges
  • Proven experience providing full-charge care for two children
  • Valid driver’s license and passport
  • Currently live in the New York City area
  • Strong swimming capabilities in pools and the ocean
  • Flexibility to safely travel with notice, and provide additional coverage with notice
  • Ability to live-in during on days in the Hamptons and live-out during off days until the family returns to Brooklyn
  • Ability to transition to live-out full-time once the family returns to Brooklyn
  • Eagerness to partner with a team to support a loving, educational, collaborative, and kind environment, demonstrating a gentle and communicative professionalism
  • While not required, a higher education degree and/or demonstrated knowledge and training in childhood education preferred!
  • Personal vehicle for commuting to/from the Hamptons is a plus, though not required.
  • Familiarity with staffed homes and traveling as a nanny is a big plus!

This position is open to all Adventure Nannies candidates who are legally able to work in the US, possess a valid driver’s license and passport, have strong swimming skills, and currently live in the New York City area. Out of respect for the privacy of the families we work with, we cannot provide any additional information about this position other than what has already been provided in the job description. If you are interested in learning more about the position, please apply!


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