Outdoorsy, Ski-Savvy Nanny Needed For Active Family In Mendocino, CA


A COVID-conscious, creative family is seeking an outdoorsy, active, travel-ready nanny who is also an advanced skier/snowboarder to join their household team in the Mendocino redwood forest and Marin, CA!


Here is what the family has to share about their role: We are a family with three boys (8, 4, and 2 years old) and two full-time nannies, plus a private elementary Montessori educator. We’re seeking to add a third nanny in order to have a 1:1 kid/nanny ratio. We describe our current nannies as child experts, and we’re looking for someone who can rise to their standard of excellence in thoughtfulness, spirit, and execution.


Our current COVID life has us living in the countryside. Our kids explore at the beaches and in the redwoods daily, work in the gardens and play in the mud kitchen. They attend home school in a converted barn, and our nannies follow a Montessori approach to schoolwork. We eat lunches together as a group, family-style outside under the trees, catered by our private, vegetarian chef (Our 4-year-old has a rare genetic condition making him more susceptible to COVID and other illnesses, so we expect household staff to follow public health guidelines and immunization schedules. We are a science-first family).


Post-COVID, we’ll return to Marin, in the north bay of San Francisco, and the children will return to school. Our nannies will continue to work, because we strongly believe that each child should be able to follow his own path and not get stuck tagging along to an older brother’s extracurricular activity. We travel abroad often (anywhere is possible, but certainly Europe, Maui, and Tahoe for ski-team are regulars) for work and school vacations and all summer. We occasionally bring our kids and nannies to our work sites in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.


This position is ideal for a candidate who is looking to commit to at least one year (hopefully many more), and is travel-ready, open-minded, and excited to work alongside progressive parents. Familiarity with toddler and elementary-age children is essential, along with having a passionate, educationally-minded, and self-directed approach to the role. In particular, we’re seeking someone with the following skills:

  • Advanced skier/snowboarder
  • Experienced with ocean play, either a swimmer, surfer, or other water sports
  • Forest school background or other experience playing in natural environments
  • Driving experience in dense cities
  • Special interest in engaging with our imaginative 8 year old
  • Interest in a schedule that involves weekends and occasional nights

Other responsibilities will include a light pickup of toys and children’s items daily, as well as loading and running the dishwasher once a day–we all eat, so we should all help clean up! In Marin, we have a housekeeper, so this isn’t a dual nanny/housekeeping position. While we are in Mendocino, however, we all have to pitch in, otherwise it turns into chaos.


Our household works best with great communication and collaboration, and we strive to tackle challenges creatively and iteratively. We run weekly staff meetings and 1:1 check-ins, and everyone stays up-to-date using Slack. Employees are chosen for their unique talents, and we all benefit from the myriad of experiences and knowledge they bring to our family. In exchange, we work hard to ensure that our nannies have the tools they need to perform their work at the highest levels, including company debit cards, access to family Instacart and Amazon accounts, autonomy to purchase work-related items, and authority to select and oversee enrichment activities for children.


In every company that my husband and I build, we strive to create a place where we, ourselves, would want to be employees forever. As a family motto, I often say, “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” One of our nannies, however, recently pointed out the myopic focus of this statement, explaining that we should treat others the way that they want to be treated. I want to extend her words into this advertisement: we are looking for someone exceptional, who can help our children thrive and who will contribute positively to our household team. Please let us know what a dream job would look like for you, and we would love to build it together. We highly encourage candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.


Position Details

  • Hours/Schedule: Full-time, guaranteeing 40-50 hours per week. The general schedule will fall on Mondays through Fridays with flexibility appreciated for weekends, overnights, and travel. Hours will generally take place between 11am and 8pm, and two consecutive days off per week will be provided whenever possible. Flexibility to collaborate on the schedule with parents and co-nannies, as well as to adjust to a shift in schedule once the family returns to the Bay Area, is key.
  • Live-in/Live-out: Live-in while in Mendocino, accommodations include a separate, furnished apartment. The position will transition to live-out once the family returns to the Bay Area.
  • Compensation and Benefits: The family is offering $32-$38/hour in addition to a generous benefits package including full health, dental, and vision insurance, PTO, paid transportation, an annual stipend for professional development, annual donations to the charity of an employees’ choice, and a company card to ensure the candidate has all the tools and supplies needed to excel in the role.
  • Start Date: The position will begin as soon as the family finds the perfect fit!


  • Create a stimulating, nurturing, and safe environment for the children to grow and thrive
  • Interact educationally and creatively with active and curious children
  • Collaborate with parents, co-nannies, staff, and the children to ensure continuity of care
  • Provide enriching experiences and activities utilizing music, the outdoors, and the world around beyond basic care
  • Travel with the family throughout the year once it is safe to do so
  • Pitch in with the overall tidiness of the home and various family assisting tasks as needed
  • Participate in outdoor activities with the children, including skiing/snowboarding and swimming
  • Self-educate and research best methods and approaches to ensure children are thriving as well as success and growth in the role


  • At least 3 years of professional, full-time childcare experience
  • Valid driver’s license and passport
  • Confident and experienced driving in dense cities
  • Advanced skiing/snowboarding skills
  • Expert swimming skills and comfortable caring for children in/around water
  • Knowledge of forest school, outdoor education, or other experience playing in natural environments
  • Familiarity with middle school, elementary, and toddler age groups
  • Quick learner and deep thinker; ability to self-educate and research as needed
  • Proactive and hardworking!
  • Ability and willingness to follow the family’s COVID safety protocols
  • Ability to travel with the family frequently throughout the year when it is safe to do so

This position is open to all Adventure Nannies candidates who are legally able to work in the US and possess a valid driver’s license and passport, and have advanced skiing/snowboarding skills. This family is happy to consider relocation candidates for this position. Out of respect for the privacy of the families we work with, we cannot provide any additional information about this position other than what has already been provided in the job description. If you are interested in learning more about the position, please apply!


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