Our Candidate Process - Adventure Nannies

Our Candidate Process

Only the best candidates are invited to join our roster. Our vetting process is designed to ensure that every Adventure Nanny candidate upholds the highest level of professionalism to exceed the expectations of our families. Our screening process is competitive and thorough and sets us apart from other agencies.

The following steps outline the process nannies and private educators face when applying to Adventure Nannies. After each stage of our screening process, the candidate is re-evaluated before being invited to move onto the next step.

Each candidate is asked to:

1. Submit an initial, online application for a specific job.

This application along with the candidate’s resume is reviewed closely by our recruitment team for extensive experience that is applicable to the position the candidate applied for. Adventure Nannies only considers candidates who meet our minimum requirements:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Legally permitted to work within the United States
  • Possess at least three years of professional childcare experience.
  • Have up-to-date child and infant CPR and first aid certification

2. Complete an initial interview over Zoom, Skype or FaceTime with a member of our recruitment team who will determine if they are a potential match for the position they have applied to.

Only standout applicants are invited to interview with our staff, and only truly exceptional, 5-star candidates are asked to move forward in our process based on the following criteria:

    • Confidence
    • Humility
    • Adaptability
    • Motivation
    • Positivity
    • Overall “vibe”

3. Provide at least five childcare or education-related references for Adventure Nannies to contact directly. These references will directly match the first five positions on the candidate’s resume in order to verify the candidate’s working history.

We ask our candidates’ references over 20 questions to gain a full understanding of what kind of experience and knowledge the candidate gained while working in each of their past or current positions. We greatly value our clients’ time, and therefore prioritize obtaining the most heavy-hitting and useful information from our candidates’ references, such as the candidate’s level of energy and engagement, their responsiveness to feedback, any areas of improvement, and their overall reliability.

4. Submit an extensive, in-depth written application, assessing their professionalism, experience, personality, and childcare values. (Only nanny candidates)

The long-form application is where we see the personality and individuality of each nanny candidate shine. We require that each candidate elaborate on their basic qualifications, specialized experience, education and certifications, employment goals, childcare philosophy and personality, and other key points of their background.

5. Undergo a thorough internet and social media screening.

Our candidates are expected to present themselves in a professional manner both on and off duty, including in their social media presence. We take a close look at our candidates’ Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest profiles as well as any other online content we may encounter.

6. Complete a comprehensive job-specific interview via phone call with our placement coordinator.

On this call, we discuss the candidate’s background in detail and pinpoint exactly what type of position the candidate is currently looking for. We pride ourselves on being excellent matchmakers, and therefore harbor a wide base of knowledge on each of our candidates in order to discern if their expertise, skills, and personality are a match for the position they have applied for.

7. Complete and pass a professional background check in compliance with applicable law which includes driving records and education verification, as well as TrustLine certification in the state of California.

Trusting another person to care for your children can be daunting; that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure our clients are making a choice that’s safe for their family. Once one of our clients offers a candidate a position, the candidate will undergo a full background check report in compliance with applicable law which includes social security number validation, driving records, education verification, and criminal registries.