Custom Placement Services

A La Carte Background Checks

We also offer a variety of background check services, for families who already have a nanny they would like to hire. Background checks are an extremely important part of the nanny hiring process, and offer your family peace of mind and security. These services include:

  • Criminal records
  • Social security number verification
  • National wants and warrants
  • National sex offender registry
  • Civil protective orders
  • National criminal file
  • DMV report
  • Combined background check package
  • Basic background check package

Nanny Hiring Assistance

Are you looking to conduct a nanny search on your own and simply need a little guidance? We offer a hiring assistance package to complement your search which includes:

  • Half-hour consultation with a placement counselor
  • Criminal and driving background check
  • Interview questions and best practices
  • Nanny training guidelines
  • Assistance setting up nanny payroll and taxes
  • Employment agreement assistance
  • Confidentiality agreement assistance

For more information about our custom nanny services, contact us at or at 917-310-2300.