Nanny Dreams Do Come True: Clean Spaces For Better Days

Nanny Dreams Do Come True:

Clean Spaces For Better Days






As a nanny or private educator, caring for your charges will be simplified and focused when their living space is clean and organized.  Depending on the boundaries and expectations of the hiring family, you can do so much to create a beautiful space that is conducive to learning and discovery.  


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Here are a few ideas on where to start:

Donate or recycle those slightly broken toys that you’ve been meaning to repair.  As a nanny or private educator, you’ve got enough on your plate as it is.  Chances are you aren’t going to fix this Ken doll before everyone has completely lost interest in him!  Pop him into a bag and donate, or recycle him limbs and all!  Definitely check your local recycling company for guidelines. 



Time to donate or recycle the collection of chipped dishes + mugs.  They’re feng shui energy stealers, not to mention particularly dangerous for tiny mouths!


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Cut ties with the millions of DVD’s that you know the kids will never watch again.  As a resourceful nanny, you could always find them digitally in a pinch, and the space savings is huge!



Did you know that even the smallest crash can jeopardize the effectiveness of bike helmets?  Time to toss those expired or compromised bike helmets. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommend that helmets be replaced every five years or if they have been involved in any impact.  For first time riders, this could mean a small collection of small helmets are acquired, but as a caregiver or nanny, it’s best to make sure the ineffective ones aren’t in use.  



Clear the shelves:  take 15 minutes every few days to tackle this, and remove any books that don’t move you as a nanny or private educator, or that you and the kids haven’t used for reference in three or more years.  Editing the collection leaves you with a diverse and engaging shelf that’s a truly distilled portrait of the family — and makes room for new favorites!  Reach out to your local school district and library for donation suggestions.



Repurpose those old/extra/stained/torn linens into rags for cleaning, after a few bleaches they’re ideal for picking up bigger spills.   For those that are beyond the pale, just donate them-accidents happen, but don’t hang on to the reminders!



Donate or repurpose those old, damaged, or outgrown clothes.  Check out why some nannies and house managers are saying that keeping only the clothes that “Spark Joy” is a beneficial theory in space management and mental clarity.



Compost or donate those edible but unused and expired pantry items (canned goods, spices, etc.). Check your local food bank for donation guidelines!



Get reusable bags for shopping, and don’t forget them at home.  We recommend keeping a few in the car.  In the meantime, get rid of those excessive plastic + paper bags.  Despite your best efforts, they’ll multiply again, trust and believe!




Recycle or donate old magazines!  If you’re keeping them to look back at later, be honest, you really won’t, and most publications have an online archive available.  If you’re keeping them for your kids to use for collages, keep 4-5, max.




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Source:  Apartment Therapy


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