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About Us

Adventure Nannies’ carefully-assembled team is a collection of the brightest stars of our industry. With over 70 combined years of nanny and teaching experience, the company prides itself in innovative recruitment, high-touch communication, and forming meaningful, lasting relationships with both families and candidates. Our team of 12 has backgrounds in a wide spectrum of fields, including early childhood education, special education, Montessori, education reform, art, music, theater, gender studies, psychology, and conflict resolution.

Adventure Nannies does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, ancestry, age, religion or religious creed, disability or handicap, sex or gender, gender identity and/or expression, sexual orientation, military or veteran status,  genetic information, or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal, state or local law. We encourage our families to follow EEO practices when interviewing and selecting candidates for their positions.

Our Candidates have Superpowers
Medical Training

This nanny goes above and beyond CPR certification. Many of our nannies are nurses, Wilderness First Responders, and EMTs. If someone in your family requires special medical attention, we can help you find a nanny with just the right experience and training.


A nanny with this teaching power has a degree in teaching and/ or classroom teaching experience. Many of these nannies have extensive experience including Teach for America, overseas teaching, private tutoring, and advanced degrees in specialized education fields.

Special Needs

This nanny has a degree in special education, or two or more years of experience working with children with special needs. If you’d like extra attention for your child with special needs, rest assured, our nannies can help.

Language Skills

Nannies with the language superpower are anywhere from conversational to fluent in a language besides English, or have a degree in speech pathology. If you have concerns with language development in your child, or would like to travel with someone who can speak a specific language, we can find just the right nanny for you.


This nanny has two or more years of experience or training working with multiples. Do you need an extra set of hands… or four? These nannies are well-equipped to take on the task juggling it takes to care for multiples!

Newborn Care Specialist

Certified newborn care specialists come into family’s homes for the first 3-6 months of your newborn’s life and are experts in sleep conditioning and developmental goals.

Travel Pro

These are our world travelers. Nannies with this superpower have spent extended periods of time in popular and exotic travel destinations, and are extremely adaptable. They know how to pack, how to plan, and how to make the most of any situation. These are a few of our candidates that can make your family vacation a true vacation for everyone.


These are our artists, our crafters, our makers, and our creative educators. If you want your child in the care of someone who sees the world through an artist’s eye, we can find just the nanny for you.


Each of our clients and their families are provided with the assurance that their privacy and safety are in good hands with us. Once a nanny or educator applies to our team, they are required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and are properly trained to maintain discretion throughout their employ and beyond. Additionally, we provide a blanket non-disclosure agreement to each of the families we work with that candidates are required to sign before interviewing or trialing with your family. We also take special care throughout our vetting process with each candidate to ensure they do not share any sensitive information about their past employers. Our protocol has been taken from our own experience working with high-profile clients whose safety and privacy is of paramount importance.