Adventure Nannies is a full-service recruitment agency focused on providing top educators and inspiring role models for globally-minded and progressive families.

We go to the ends of the earth for our clients and pride ourselves in finding unicorns.

Our nannies and private educators are trusted partners for your family, fostering your child’s creativity and planting the seeds for lifelong learning. As an agency, we believe our role is to support parents who are pursuing their passions and their best selves, while knowing that their children are doing the same in the engaged and interactive care of an Adventure Nanny.

Our Services

Permanent Placement Nanny

Let us find you a professional and discreet nanny for your family. Nannies are responsible for ensuring children’s safety, maintaining children’s daily routines, and promoting educational development. Our team will match you with an exceptionally talented individual.
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Private Educator

This is the foundation for our success as an agency. We pride ourselves in our innovative recruitment strategies for finding the world’s best educators.
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Temporary and Travel Services

Our travel-ready, short-term nannies plan age-appropriate cultural immersion and educational activities and keep your children safe while curating the adventure of a lifetime.
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Education Focused

Our nannies are highly educated and well-rounded caregivers with active, inspirational lifestyles. We pride ourselves in recruiting role models and world-class educators to ensure your child’s safety and well-being. We seek candidates that inspire and enrich the lives of the children they work with through every developmental stage.

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Community Leaders

Adventure Nannies takes pride in being a definitive leader in the private education and childcare industries, and are proud members of APNA and INA. In addition to our long-term placements, we also offer temporary and travel placements.

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Don't Nanny. Adventure Nanny.

We believe that adventure is an essential ingredient to children’s health and happiness, and that it can be found traveling or in your own backyard. Our nannies believe in fostering curiosity, creativity, and problem solving with your children.

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Ongoing Support

The relationship with Adventure Nannies doesn’t stop when you hire your nanny or private educator. The Adventure Nannies team stays engaged to assist in the training process, and cultivate successful, long-lasting relationships.

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  • What can I say… Thank you so much for being the wonderful, positive, high spirited, YOU! Thank-you for helping so much and being a fantastic inspiration to our grandchildren. What a wonderful summer vacation you have made it for them… and US! We couldn’t have pulled of the great summer of memories for them without you!

    – Mike Janeczko

  • Our experience with Adventure Nannies has been nothing short of amazing. Their ideas for activities with the girls continue to impress us, and our girls absolutely love or nanny.  She has enriched our lives in many ways, and we hope our relationship with her continues long into the future. She has become a member or family, and we can’t wait for upcoming adventures with her.

    – Dan & Faye Allen

  • Every evening our one year-old waddles to dinner while doctors and nurses and patients call out his name, and the sun sets behind the dragon-tooth Himalayas. For two comfortable Americans, the thought of raising our son on the grounds of a public hospital in rural Nepal seemed like it would be impossible. Until, thanks to Adventure Nannies, we met Eliza. Because of her, our son isn’t just surviving here – he’s thriving. And because we know he’s safe, and loved, and well cared-for even while we’re working, we’re thriving as well. We can’t fathom how our family would have made it this far without her.

    – Daniel Stiepleman, Nepal

  • “We were extremely satisfied with our experience working with Holly and Brandy and the rest of the team at Adventure Nannies. They were efficient, conscientious, thoughtful and meticulous in their search for a nanny for our touring family of three children. They maintained regular correspondence with us before, during and after we had employed her. We also found them incredibly helpful when we had to replace our nanny at short notice. They provide a really unique and specialized service and handle their clients and nannies with the utmost professionalism and discretion. We are very grateful to Adventure Nannies for matching our family with our very own “Mary Poppins.”
    -Private Family

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    • Today is World Kindness Day, and now more than ever, we could all benefit from offering and receiving random acts of kindness. Check our stories to see some wonderful ways that each of us can throw some extra kindness into the world today, and everyday!⁣
Thanks to the @rakfoundation for sharing this mission and these lovely graphics! 💗🧡💗 #worldkindnessday #AdventureNannies
    • As professional childcare providers, if there’s one thing we all know about, it’s the difficult process of the hand-off when your MB or DB are leaving for the day.⁣⁣
Separation anxiety varies wildly between children. Some kids become hysterical when their parent is out of sight for a very short time, while other children seem to demonstrate ongoing anxiety at separations during infancy, toddlerhood, and preschool.⁣⁣
Check out our recent blog post to learn even more about how to make this transition easier for everyone involved — link in bio! ♥️ #nannylife #AdventureNannies
    • We’ve just added so many extraordinary jobs to our job board — you can find them through the link in our bio and apply online today! 🏹✨ #dreamjob #nannylife #AdventureNannies
    • We just released the latest episode of our podcast, Adventure Nannies On Air!⁣
On this episode, we discuss responding to inappropriate interview questions.⁣
So, when are you planning on getting pregnant?⁣
You look a lot younger than I thought you would be - how old are you? ⁣
How often do you get sick?⁣
You have an interesting name - where are you from? ⁣For some reason, these questions seem to pop up way too often in nanny interviews compared to other professional job interviews - in some cases, asking them is illegal, and in every case, asking them is inappropriate and, if you ask us, pretty GD rude!⁣
In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah talk through some of these problematic questions, how to respond to them with grace (or righteous indignation,) and how to recognize and respond to some of the secret 'code' that could be hinting at an inappropriate question. We also talk about how candidates can be allies for people who possess protected traits in their answers to these questions when they come up.

What's the worst thing you've been asked in an interview? Email us at!⁣
To listen, just check out the link in our bio, search 'Adventure Nannies On Air' in iTunes, or check out the links below! ⁣
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A friendly, collaborative family based in Nashville, TN is seeking an adaptable, kind, communicative live-in nanny to care for their 2.5-year-old, 1-year-old, and newborn expected in April 2020.⁣
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    • Are you an experienced, heart-filled, educational and loving childcare professional? We have some extraordinary new positions available, ranging from nannies and newborn care specialists, to family assistants and more!⁣
Take a look at our job board (via the link in our bio) to peruse our fantastic employment opportunities and apply online today! 🔸〰️ #dreamjob #nannylife #AdventureNannies