Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder

Shenandoah joined Adventure Nannies in 2016 as Chief Operations Officer after being initially hired on as a small business consultant and transitioned into CEO in 2018. She has presented at both the Association of Premier Nanny Agencies (APNA) and the International Nanny Association (INA) conferences and is on the APNA board of directors. In a past life, she was the marketing director and brand manager for a popular restaurant and bar group in Seattle and has also nannied, tutored, and given music lessons to students aged 4 to 72. Shenandoah holds a Bachelor’s degree in vocal performance and English and, as a touring musician, has performed in Japan, New Zealand, Portugal, Italy, the UK, and many other places. Shenandoah lives in Tacoma with her rabbit Meatball.



Placement Director

Christina possesses a double BA in Business Administration and Spanish from the University of Oregon. Prior to joining the Adventure Nannies team, she was a high school teacher in Spain, the national account manager for Caffe Vita, and a business development consultant.

In addition to residing in Spain, she has traveled to the UK, France, Italy, Morocco, Holland, the Czech Republic, and Mexico.  Christina’s many hobbies include road trips, motorcycle rides, cooking, yoga, flower arranging, and vintage shopping.  She lives in Seattle with her sweet pup named Chicken and her motorcycle, Little Bird.

Contact Christina:

christina [at] adventurenannies [dot] com


Recruitment Director

Emily joined the Adventure Nannies team in 2016. As the Recruitment Director and Office Manager, she is the main point of contact for nannies and private educators. She conducts screening calls, assists candidates in completing their applications, and ensures that every candidate is carefully vetted. Recently she presented at the International Nanny Association (INA) conference in Chicago, IL.

Emily was raised in a small central Oregon town where she grew up hiking, rock climbing, and camping. After earning a BFA in theater she co-managed several non-profit theater organizations in Seattle, Washington and served as an associate artistic director. She possesses a background in Montessori, nannying, and touring as a teaching artist throughout Washington. Emily is also a professional voice over artist and actor. Currently, Emily splits her time between New York and Seattle.  

Contact Emily:

emily [at] adventurenannies [dot] com


Lead Placement Counselor

Elizabeth joined the Adventure Nannies team in 2018 after over 10 years of experience in the private service industry. She earned a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts at the University of Wisconsin River Falls and certification in Early Childhood Education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Elizabeth has enjoyed living in places like Colorado, Connecticut, and New York while pursuing a career as a high-profile nanny before working as an account executive at a domestic staffing agency for almost 4 years. Earlier in her career, Elizabeth worked as an accomplished glass artist, private tutor, and personal trainer, in addition to founding a wellness center in Westchester County.

Elizabeth is an avid fitness enthusiast and enjoys journaling and meditation. When she isn’t working or traveling towards sunshine and salt water, she enjoys volunteering at the local animal shelter.

Elizabeth currently resides in the Milwaukee area with her unbelievably adorable Welsh terrier, Otto.

Contact Elizabeth:

elizabeth [at] adventurenannies [dot] com


Director of Communications

Prior to her role with Adventure Nannies, Danielle has worked with local and national businesses on developing their branding and marketing through social media, blogging, and SEO. Danielle has also been a classroom assistant for K-12, and a Newborn Care Specialist with over 15 years of childcare experience.

She possesses an unlimited sense of optimism, loves a hearty challenge, and has the uncanny ability to find wi-fi in the most unlikely places. Danielle takes on the occasional freelance writing project whenever possible, and in her spare time volunteers with underserved members of the community.

Danielle lives in Seattle with her incredible husband along with their dog Arlo, and cat Babette. Please contact Danielle for all media and press inquiries.

Contact Danielle:

danielle [at] adventurenannies [dot] com


Placement Coordinator

Kenna joined the Adventure Nannies team in 2018 after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in cinema arts and sciences from Columbia College Chicago. Kenna approaches challenges with a sense of creativity, patience, and optimism as she counsels candidates on moving through the placement process.

Kenna is also a photographer, videographer and musician who runs a production company called Tiny Ship Co. Kenna lives in upstate New York and frequently contributes to the local art and music scene. When she’s out of the office, Kenna enjoys engaging her adventurous side at the climbing gym.

 Contact Kenna:

kenna [at] adventurenannies [dot] com


Recruitment Coordinator

Nina joined the Adventure Nannies team in 2017. After earning a BA in psychology, Nina began her career as a nanny in the Bay Area, then eventually transitioned to a local Bay Area nanny agency as a recruiter and executive assistant.

Nina’s brief hiatus from the nanny industry included three years as a corporate executive assistant, as well as a 6-month international trip with her husband, visiting places such as Peru, Thailand, Bali, Australia, and New Zealand. Upon her return from traveling, Nina had a new appreciation for adventure, and a strong desire to return to the childcare industry, making her role at Adventure Nannies a dream come true.

Nina now lives north of the Bay Area with her husband, and also owns a home bakery. When she’s not working, she can be found running, hiking, or cheering on the San Francisco Giants!

Contact Nina:

nina [at] adventurenannies [dot] com



Recruitment Coordinator

Angela possesses a Bachelor’s degree in exercise science from the University of Delaware and worked as a program coordinator at U Penn and a non-profit that coordinated school nursing to students in Philadelphia prior to joining the Adventure Nannies team in 2019. Angela grew up in Seoul, South Korea and moved to the US when she was 9 years old, and recently returned from a trip to Japan and South Korea!

Angela has a strong sense of intuition and empathy and in her spare time, she enjoys cooking, ceramics, and fostering animals from PAWS (she has fostered 10 cats – not all at the same time, though!) Angela lives in Philadelphia with her dog Penny and cat Charlie.

Contact Angela:

angela [at] adventurenannies [dot] com


Administrative Coordinator

Alenni possesses a Bachelor’s of Science in Music Industry and Viola Performance from the College of Saint Rose and has been a private music teacher for 4 years prior to joining the Adventure Nannies team in early 2018. She brings an overwhelming sense of positivity and energy to our team! Her innate ability to find and solve technical issues aids the entire team in our efforts to be as efficient as possible.

When she is not behind a laptop, she is playing guitar, viola, and piano, making watercolor paintings, or teaching herself Japanese. Alenni currently lives in Philadelphia with her senior rescue dachshund, Wormy.

 Contact Alenni:

alenni [at] adventurenannies [dot] com




Brandy founded Adventure Nannies after 8 years of working as a travel nanny herself.  As a nanny, she went cliff diving with kids in Italy, worked on a farm in Southern France, attended Burning Man, and learned survival skills in the Rocky Mountain wilderness.  These experiences combined with Brandy’s background in education reform and gender studies led her to creating Adventure Nannies. As the original Adventure Nanny, Brandy’s passion for active families and dynamic visionary leadership has propelled Adventure Nannies from its infancy into the high-touch worldwide boutique nanny agency it is today.

When Brandy isn’t at home with her1-year-old son and two dogs, she’s out on the road with her husband’s band, The Lumineers.