The Best DIY Father’s Day Crafts

With Father’s Day right around the corner (June 18th!) its time to get crafty with your kiddos! Nothing is better than a handmade gift from the heart. We’ve put together our top five Father’s Day gifts that will be sure to go down in history as the best Father’s Day gifts ever.

The insanely talented former Reggio teacher Meri Cherry who has an incredible art studio in Los Angeles, CA came up with this stylish keepsake that moms or dads will be sure to cherish forever. Due to drying times, this project will take a few days to complete. For the print you will need Elmer’s Gel Glue, canvas fabric, fabric paint, and fabric puff paint. After the print is dry, you’ll need a sewing machine, stuffing, and thread to make it into a pillow! If you are working with younger kids you should do this part yourself. Click the link here or the photo for full instructions!


If you are crunched for time or working with very young kids, an alternative or additional pillow gift can be made with just some fabric on an easel with tempera paint. This project is also from the incredible Meri Cherry! If you live in LA you must check out her studio.


Time spent with the kiddos is always a great gift for parents, so the next craft can be an invitation for a camping trip, along with a beautiful keepsake! The wonderful Colorado-based art studio Handmakery came up with this project. Be sure to check them out! For this project you’ll need paper, paint, fabric cut-outs for tents, and any found pieces of nature you might have picked up while camping or on a nature walk!

painting_webfathersdayA great craft project that can be turned into a perfect Father’s Day gift is a custom DIY wind chime! Growing a Jeweled Rose is a fantastic resource for crafts, which is where we found this tutorial. Gather items that represent things the kiddos do with dad so they can tell him why they made it for him. Hang this project on the garage or front porch so he sees it when he comes home!

wind-chime-crafts-7Our friends at Artifact Uprising are the very best at turning your all of your pictures (including  Instagram photos) into insanely beautiful photo albums. Take time to sit down with the kiddos and transform the pictures they love the most into an album that highlights all of their memories with dad. This one is sure to melt hearts and make dad smile.



Nannies – what are your favorite Father’s Day craft projects? Dads – what’s your favorite handmade Father’s Day gift of all time? Drop us a line at and let us know – we’d love to hear from you!