Adventure Nannies On Air Ep 41: The First Three Years - Understanding Early Childhood Development

Adventure Nannies On Air Ep 41: The First Three Years – Understanding Early Childhood Development











We are so excited to share Season Two of our podcast — you can find Adventure Nannies On Air wherever you listen to podcasts!


With over 10,000 candidates applying to positions through our agency each year, we simply do not have time to meet and interact with each one – but we don’t want to limit the resources and expertise we have developed over the last several years to only candidates who are in the running for our sought-after positions.





The podcast is regularly hosted by our co-founder and CEO Shenandoah, and the original founder of Adventure Nannies, Brandy Schultz, who now has two children and an incredible Adventure Nanny of her own.

In this episode, Brandy and Shenandoah speak with Thaty Oliveira, a brilliant professional childcare provider, educator, and tireless advocate for domestic workers. Brandy and Thaty discuss the work that Thaty is doing as a nanny educator and family consultant. Thaty shares her advice for domestic workers and parents as they investigate how to effectively support early childhood development.







About The Guest:

Tatiane Dias de Oliveira, Ed. M., M.M., M.C.P.C, is a Career Nanny and Childcare Specialist in the Boston area, working with children for nearly 20 years. Thaty specializes in working with first-time parents and their newborns, providing positive encouragement and guidance to new parents while nurturing and fostering the healthy development of their babies.

Thaty is also an activist and passionate advocate in the nanny industry. She is the founder and facilitator of the Massachusetts Nanny Breakfast Club, as well as founder, producer and host of NDR – National Domestic Radio. Thaty wears many hats in the industry and is involved in a number of projects at any given time and is committed to serve and empower nannies and families.

As an advocate, Thaty is a leader with Matahari Women Worker’s Center and has worked tirelessly along with other organizations in establishing and securing rights to domestic workers in Massachusetts.

Thaty has been a leader with the Nanny Census Campaign and has also served as a testimony against HB4503, which sought to exclude Au Pairs from protections granted when the Massachusetts Domestic Workers Bill of Rights became law in early 2015.

Thaty has recently graduated from Matahari’s 2016 Community Fellows Leadership and is now on to an 8-month Leadership Development journey with Women’s Pipeline for Change.



Thaty Oliveira




How to explain the importance of your work to nanny families: nannies are the first mentor that your children will have. Nannies are there to nurture and guide your children and build the scaffolding to support their development.






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