Adventure Nannies Presents: Embracing Sibling and Peer Conflict with Sproutable





We are thrilled to announce our upcoming webinar with Julietta Skoog, co-founder of Sproutable on January 23rd!





Julietta is the co-founder of Sproutable, helping parents and nannies worldwide through online classes, coaching, and video content. Julietta is a Certified Positive Discipline Advanced Trainer with an Ed.S Degree in School Psychology and a Masters Degree in School Counseling from Seattle University with 15+ years of experience in Seattle Public Schools.

Her expertise includes early child development, autism, learning disabilities, anxiety, and behavior disorders, as well as teaching social-emotional development based on Positive Discipline, Social Thinking, and Mindfulness. She has learned the most from her own three children, ages 11, 8, and 3.




What You Will Learn:

All siblings fight. Learn how to embrace their conflict using specific techniques that teach long-term social-emotional skills and tackle sibling drama. Regardless of their age, children have the opportunity to learn tools that decrease conflict and increase confidence and assertiveness. These skills support peer interactions and social skills outside the home.

Join Sproutable co-founder Julietta Skoog for this workshop and learn how to:

– intervene when conflict occurs
– teach problem-solving skills
– set limits and boundaries
– strengthen sibling relationships
– manage the “my stuff” battles






Check These Resources:

To learn more about Sproutable, check out their Instagram page,  and take a look at their website!





Continuing education is a vital aspect of maintaining your competitive edge within the constantly changing landscape of the childcare industry, and we are committed to providing opportunities for learning.

This course is presented by Adventure Nannies and will take place online. Additional resources, a certificate of completion, and a recording of the course will be shared with attendees after the live event.

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