Back-To-School Shopping For The Modern Nanny





The beautiful summer is coming to an end and that means one thing for you, nanny: it’s time to get the kids ready to go back to school!


There are a wide variety of items that your nanny kids will need to prepare for another exciting year of learning, and offering to help wrangle the items together will be such a valuable help for your nanny family.

In addition to uniforms or school clothes, lunch supplies, and determining a plan for transportation, your nanny kids will likely need a fairly standard set of supplies to start the year. Some instructors have class-specific items they’d like their students to bring in, so keep an eye out for any additional needs from the teachers.

The following lists should act as a starting point for you and your nanny family, and you can even print out the checklist and add additional items to your list from there. We’ve included links to purchase each of the following items online to help you save time, but be sure to check with your nanny family prior to making any purchases for the children. Lastly, for the best results with these checklists, we recommend viewing and printing from your desktop computer!






























We hope that this info has been a helpful start — what else is on your back-to-school lists?

We’d love to hear about your best practices as you ready your charges for the year ahead! Contact us on Facebook, Instagram, and check out the other posts on the blog!

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