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Charting The Course: International Nanny Training Day Online 2020 — Introducing Betsy Hicks





We are thrilled to announce International Nanny Training Day online, sponsored by Nannypalooza, which will take place in our private Facebook group on April 19th at 9am (PST)/12pm (EST). For this year’s live stream we’re delighted to speak with an incredible lineup of talented industry leaders from HomeWork Solutions, to Newborn Care Solutions and beyond! Keep reading to learn how you can participate in this exciting educational opportunity…





Adventure Nannies has partnered with various groups across the country in past International Nanny Training Days, and have been hard at work to design an online, interactive day for nannies across the world to be able to participate in INNTD from wherever they are!

There are many incredible in-person training events being held and we encourage you to check out the one in your area if you’re able to attend. You can find out more about the events in your area by clicking here!


Introducing Betsy Hicks


I grew up in Washington State and moved to Hawaii when I was 18 where I met my husband who was in the military. We moved around and lived in 8 different States. Along the way, I met many different people, had two children and obtained my degree in therapy. Things came full circle and I am back in Washington where I opened my own practice 6 years ago. I love working with people from a secure attachment lens. Most recently my husband and I launched an online website that promotes inspiration, motivation, and self-care through our messaging and products.

I love helping people recognize the power they have within themselves so that they can take control of their lives. When people are empowered and recognize their strengths they are able to create the lives that are more in alignment with how they want to be. I love helping couples emotionally connect with each other and helping people create the best relationships possible. With our online store, I love creating the messaging and choosing products people can trust and be inspired by.





Learn How To:

In this portion of INNTD Online 2020, we will be discussing several aspects of self-care. We will be:

  • Defining self-care
  • Describing why self-care is important
  • Providing different ways people can practice self-care
  • Learning how to empower through self care
  • Defining self-care and You
  • Deepening an understanding of ‘Think, Say, Do’






Check These Resources:

The ultimate self-care website.





How To Participate:


Date: Sunday, April 19th, 2020

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm PST

Where: Online

How: Participants will be invited to a closed Facebook group after registering, where resources, schedule of speakers, icebreakers, and more will be offered in the weeks leading up to the event! During the day of the event, a series of workshops with live participation will be facilitated on the page through Facebook Live.


  • $25.00 for Early Bird registration February 1st through February 29th
  • $20.00 Weekend Pass for those also attending in-person events
  • $30.00 for General Admission March 1st through April 19th




For more information about International Nanny Training Day + Nannypalooza, check out their website: http://www.nannypalooza.com



Have you ever considered or participated in continuing education? We’d love to hear your experiences – reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and check out the other posts on the blog!

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