Enhance Your Skills + Resume With Sproutable's Positive Discipline Online Training Programs

Enhance Your Skills + Resume With Sproutable’s Positive Discipline Online Training Programs







We have really enjoyed getting to know the founders of Sproutable, and we can’t wait for you to experience their new line of nanny-focused education courses! Keep reading to learn more about their new Positive Discipline training for nannies, and how you can participate to receive a certification and portfolio that you can share with prospective hiring families!


What’s your plan for raising a good human? Where do you go for expert answers on discipline and teaching children everything they need to grow up to be healthy, happy, and remarkable adults?

If you are looking for tools that are solution-focused, science-based, and nanny-tested, join the Sproutable community today!

Sproutable supports parents and caregivers with expert answers, solutions to behavior challenges, inspiration, and energy. They offer tools from the latest social neuroscience and Dr. Jane Nelsen’s Positive Discipline based on Adlerian Psychology. The founders, Julietta and Alanna, are early childhood experts, parents, and former nannies with over 15 years of experience supporting families and teaching classes to nannies, parents, and preschool teachers.

Sproutable offers online courses for both parents and caregivers of young children, birth to six years old. Experience Positive Discipline homes through videos of real families (no actors!). Learn how to teach life skills, invite cooperation, build strong relationships, and find joy and humor in everyday moments. The result? Capable, confident, and remarkable kids.



Nanny Certification


This online certification course is an introduction to Positive Discipline that includes 10 video-based topics:

  1. Embracing challenges to teach life skills
  2. Calming big emotions & Positive Time Out Space
  3. Cracking the code: What their behavior is really saying Part 1
  4. Cracking the code: What their behavior is really saying Part 2
  5. Teaching children how to think for themselves
  6. Kind & firm at the same time
  7. Making routines fun
  8. Teaching intrinsic motivation
  9. Solutions for misbehavior 
  10. Empowering children with knowledge and practice





Experience Positive Discipline tools through videos of real nannies and kids (no actors!) No PowerPoints, no talking head, no judgment.





Unlimited Personalized Support

Unlimited email Q&A and monthly coaching calls. Yes, we’ll answer all your questions! (Even the “yeah, but” ones.)This is like having us as your new bestie. You can ask us anything. 





Portfolio & Downloads

Every chapter includes downloads to deepen your learning. By the end of the course, you will have a complete portfolio to share with employers that outlines your principles and tools to turn behavior challenges into opportunities to learn and grow. 






You will receive a Sproutable certificate to document the completion of the course.





Flexible & Accessible

The best part? It adapts to YOUR schedule. Learn at your own pace. Available on your computer or mobile phone. Mobile app available for iOS. 





Experience Positive Discipline tools with real nannies and families through this video-based online course. You will receive a Sproutable certificate, a portfolio to share with employers, and unlimited Q&A from the Sproutable experts. Learn more here: Sproutable!





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