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Holiday Gifts for Employers: What To Give The Family Who Has (Almost) Everything



Around the holidays, many families reach out to us asking for advice on what a customary holiday gift or end-of-year bonus is for their nannies, private educators, and other household employees.


We all know that gifts, especially around the holidays, can be an important way of letting your employees know how valued they are. However, this poses a challenging issue for employees – what do you give someone who ‘has it all’? The holiday season is the perfect time for you to let your employers know how much you value your working relationship with their family as well, but in professional relationships, it’s important to find a way to express gratitude without breaking the bank. Here are a few simple ideas of heartfelt gifts that will leave your nanny family feeling appreciated without maxing out your credit cards:


A Handwritten Letter

The holidays are the perfect time to set pen to paper and express how much your position with their family means to you – yes, you are in a professional role, but it’s one that extends deeply into their personal lives and their home. This letter is a great time to mention some of your favorite events of the year – a child’s birthday party, a special trip, or anything they did to make you feel seen and appreciated – and to share whatever you are looking for in the years to come. This is a perfect accompaniment to any of the gifts below or is great as a stand-alone if you do not feel comfortable purchasing a gift for them.



A Plant In A Cool Vessel/Flowers

No one hates getting flowers – right?! If you feel you have a keen sense of design and knowledge of what the family likes/doesn’t like, bringing a small bouquet, a poinsettia, or some fresh flowers to work with you is an easy way to say thank you that will brighten the home while entertaining guests throughout the holiday season.



Photobook From The Year

If you’ve been taking photos of your nanny kids’ adventures throughout the past year, a fantastic gift idea can be a photo book or calendar with kid’s photos throughout the year! Sites like shutterstock.com or zazzle.com have many options for printing photographs on calendars, T-shirts, books, journals, etc that make a cost-effective yet heartfelt gift for your employers. Some employees are not allowed to photograph their charges due to non-disclosure agreements, so please ensure that any photos you are sharing were taken with permission by you and that the family was aware you were taking them!



Something From The Kids

A heartfelt and handcrafted gift from the children under your eye still absolutely falls under the gift category – whether it’s a hand-crafted card, a homemade ornament, or a fresh centerpiece from the dining room table, your nanny family will know who was behind a thoughtful, heartfelt gift ‘from the kids.’



In a pinch, a decadent dessert or your favorite holiday snack from your own childhood will go a long way – the important thing with these gifts, along with any others, is that they are genuine, meaningful, and they come with an attitude of gratitude. Happy Holidays!



What are some of your favorite gifts for the folks in your life that have ‘it all’? We’d love to hear about your personal experiences – reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram, and check out the other posts on the blog!

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