Introducing our National Nanny Recognition Week Giveaway Winner – Meches Rosales-Maupin!

We are so pleased to introduce you to the winner of our National Nanny Recognition Week giveaway, Meches Rosales-Maupin! We received over 300 nominations for our giveaway and were elated to see so much praise for fantastic candidates sent our way. Your nominations raised over $300 for Nanny Relief Fund, a non-profit founded in March to provide tangible support to nannies in times of need. We are eager to support Meches in her work of being a community leader as well as a passionate career nanny.

“I have been passionate about working with children since my teen years. In my early 20s I was an au pair in both France and Ireland.

I have been a nanny in New York City for the past 15 years. I became a professional nanny entirely by accident, but it has been the most marvelous thing that ever happened to me.

I love being a nanny because I can help kids to grow and reach their potential and I can help change the world one kid at the time.

I have worked with many different families, and I sincerely hope that I have impacted their lives just as beautifully as they have impacted mine. Being a nanny is my dream job that is why I do it with so much passion and love.”


Thank you to Sue Downey, Johanna Gamboa, Kimberly C. Brown, and Anne Kearney for nominating Meches. Here’s what they had to say about her expertise and personality:

She’s so supportive of the community and always wants to learn. Her smile is so inspiring.

Meches is full of energy and self motivated, she is kind and generous. She is creative and strong.

She is always giving to the nannies in the community at large. She has expressed wanting to further her schooling to maintain excellence as a professional nanny.

She is amazing! She is a cheerleader for domestic workers and always works to uplift the community.


As our winner, Meches will be receiving a $500 scholarship to the Newborn Care Solutions Advanced Newborn Care Specialist Training, a $100 gift certificate to NannyTees, a self-care gift box of fancy goodies, and a selection of books from the Adventure Nannies staff’s fall reading lists.

Congratulations to Meches, and happy National Nanny Recognition Week to you!