Introducing The INA Nanny Of The Year: Kim Morgan





We recently had the immense honor to speak with Kim Morgan, aka Nanny KimKim, who has been recognized by the International Nanny Association as their Nanny of the Year.


Kim Morgan grew up in the beautiful Caribbean, and from a very young age, she knew that children were her passion. She began caring for young children as a teen and developed such extraordinary relationships with the hiring parents, a trend that has continued throughout her incredible career.

Early in her career, Kim committed herself to pursue evidence-based education, and at every turn in her professional development, she took every opportunity to invest in education. From online courses to in-person training events, Kim has continued to spend so much of her free time away from work digging into early childhood education and working to establish an even deeper understanding of the childcare industry, and the many specific related skills.

Kim is a Cache Certified Advanced Newborn Care Specialist, (through Nanny Stella Inc and Newborn Care Solutions), Parent Educator, and an Infant Sleep Specialist. She has spent the last twenty years investing in her own education and utilizing her knowledge and experience to support new parents navigating the infant stage of parenting. Kim is currently a Newborn Care Solutions Year One Elite Student and is establishing her own newborn care specialist business.





When we asked Kim what advice she has for other nannies who might be inspired by her career trajectory, she had this to say: “communication is the key to everything”.  Throughout her nanny career, Kim has always prioritized clear and open communication with the families she worked with. She works diligently to have regular check-ins and establish clear expectations with the hiring parents.

As a result of her commitment to supporting the families she has worked with, Kim has been supported in her pursuit of continuing education, even having former mom and dad bosses offer to financially sponsor her as she signed up for additional courses. This is such a testament to Kim’s character and the impact that she has on the families she works with. Even throughout difficult assignments, Kim has continued to look for the right path and has continued to make decisions in support of other nannies in an effort to uplift others within the industry. After being recognized by the International Nanny Association as Nanny of the Year, Kim was also recognized in her hometown by the prestigious House of Parliament in Saint Vincent and The Grenadines by the Deputy Prime Minister Rt Hon Sir Louis Straker, video below!






Our takeaways after speaking with Kim were many, but here are some of the major keys:

  1. Do the work in the interview process to discern if the family is the right fit for you.
  2. Establish clear expectations with the hiring parents from the start.
  3. Be diligent about checking in with the parents regularly.
  4. Commit yourself to continue seeking knowledge and invest in your professional development.


We want to extend an enormous thank you to Kim for taking the time to share her experiences with us, and we look forward to seeing her star continue to rise! Are you interested in pursuing educational opportunities within the nanny industry? We strongly recommend checking out Newborn Care Solutions for their exceptional training courses, many of which are currently available online.



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