Kindie Pop: 5 Kid-Friendly Bands That Won’t Drive You Nuts



If Raffi is your most-played artist on Spotify or the theme song from Peppa Pig plays through your head while running on the treadmill, we have some bad news: the music your nanny kids have been listening to on repeat day in and day out may have melted into your subconscious and rendered you completely incapable of remembering how to enjoy grown-up music!


While we aren’t suggesting you start blasting Nirvana during your morning commute, we did want to suggest a few rising stars of the burgeoning realm of “kindie pop” to try on for size during your next kid dance party!



Mikey Mike The Rad Scientist is a musician-turned-scientific-kids-musician with songs about exploding stars, the symbiotic relationship between lichen and trees, and predatory members of the animal kingdom.

The Board of Education is a pensive, artsy kid’s band that touches on modern-day hot topics like the inventor of Kevlar and the many uses (and dangers) of commas. We learned a couple new things ourselves while listening to the geography song!

Caspar Babypants also began his musical career as a grown-up musician (the lead singer of Presidents of the United States of America.) His material includes thoughts on robots with feelings and heartfelt advice songs like ‘Always Keep A Ukelele In Your Trunk.’

Secret Agent 23 Skiddoo is the only kid-hop artist that we were able to find and features guest vocals from his daughter “MC Fireworks.” His lyrics are smart, not smarmy, and he tackles multiverses, high fives for high dives, and the taste of space in his tunes.

The Not-Its are a rock band whose song material spans freeze tag, combating fear of the dentist’s office, and accidentally saying naughty words (naughty words not included.)



Check out our playlist featuring all of these artists below, and to listen to some of our staff’s go-to songs (4 of whom are musicians in their own rights), check out the entire Adventure Nannies Spotify account!





What are some of your favorite kid songs that you don’t mind your nanny kids playing over and over? We’d love to hear about your go-to artists and most-played tracks!

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