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Our CEO and co-founder Shenandoah has been working alongside an amazing non-profit organization in the nanny industry called The Institute for Nannies and Families, and we are excited to share their most recent initiative. In support of their ongoing advocacy for nannies, the institute hopes to gather information from childcare professionals nationwide to better understand how to foster the industry’s continued growth. We invite you to participate in their quick survey. Your participation will inform and contribute to the development of new educational opportunities for nannies, so consider sharing your unique perspective and experiences via the survey!

From TIFFAN: Nannies, as members of the childcare workforce, often receive too little recognition or support for the most important work they do – ensuring that children get the best care possible. We are interested in what nannies need in order to change this paradigm. Please take a few minutes to complete the following (anonymous) survey by April 15th to best support you and your fellow nannies.

About TIFFAN: Our mission is to elevate nannies out of the shadows to be seen, supported, and valued for the most important work they do. We want parents to get the support needed to recognize quality when they see it. We believe quality care happens when parents and nannies work together toward a common goal. Along the way, we never lose sight of why we are doing this… for the children.




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