October Candidate Spotlight – Makenzie!

Adventure Nannies is excited to feature our very first candidate in our Candidate Spotlight! We are so thrilled to know a network of incredible caregivers, teachers, family supporters, and adventurers, and want to make sure we take a moment to shine a light on their hard work and dedication.

Makenzie is a passionate nanny and adventurer at heart! She first decided to become a nanny at the age of 15 because she loved the company of children and truly enjoyed their curious minds, kind hearts, and exciting personalities. Her adventures include nannying in Australia, van living in New Zealand, leading children on outdoor adventures and community volunteering in Fiji, getting open water diving certified, fostering dogs, and sky diving! Makenzie’s worldwide experience and generous spirit has made her into a dedicated and inspiring role model. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in environmental studies and always works to find ways to tie nature and education into her day-to-day activities with her nanny children.

In Makenzie’s words, “I believe that children should be empowered to become self-sufficient, independent thinkers. I think it is beneficial to both children and the adults around them to respect and listen to the children, learn what helps them succeed as well as what challenges them, and understand that all children operate differently. I am also a master fort builder, can count to 10 in hide-and-seek, love going on safari adventures, am skilled at checking for monsters under the bed, and occasionally I mortgage a property in Monopoly.”


What are you into right now?
Kiteboarding and baking sourdough bread.

What is one of your most treasured moments when working with children?
Whenever they achieve something new and reach a goal they have been working hard at, I feel so proud and excited for their success! I think it is one of the most rewarding parts of the job, especially when you are there through the whole process with them.

What are your favorite de-stressing self-care routines that are accessible for any budget?
Exercise is one of my favorite de-stressing activities and it’s accessible for everyone! I personally love doing yoga and have found endless online resources for free since my studio closed in March. I also love reading a good book outside in my hammock under the sun, and it always makes me feel relaxed and calm.

What is one piece of life advice you hold dear?
Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know what people are going through.

What advice would you give to other nannies for staying calm and collected while working during a pandemic?
Remember that this too shall pass and stay focused on being happy, adaptable, and find fun in whatever you can!

What song(s) are currently on your most-played playlist?
Pelota by Khruangbin, Hey You by Dope Lemon, and Colors by Black Puma.



Thank you, Makenzie – all of us at Adventure Nannies are eager to see what adventures you go on next!