October Spotlight - Erica!

October Spotlight – Erica!



Erica R.



Adventure Nannies is excited to share our most recent Candidate Spotlight! We are so thrilled to know a network of incredible caregivers, teachers, family supporters, and adventurers, and want to make sure we take a moment to shine a light on their hard work and dedication.


Let’s Learn About Erica:

This month, we are thrilled to feature an extraordinary Adventure Nanny, Erica R.! Erica loves helping children recognize and strengthen their emotional intelligence. She has experience in Waldorf and Positive Discipline ideologies, and she is committed to encouraging children and helping them grow confidently into who they are becoming.






What are you into right now?

Travel, yoga, and writing


What is one of your most treasured moments when working with children?

I love all of the authentic moments of connection doing simple things – reading together, exploring nature, making art. The moments when children’s eyes light up and curiosity about the world is strongly ignited.


What are your favorite de-stressing self-care routines that are accessible for any budget?

Meditating and spending time in nature!





What is one piece of life advice you hold dear?

Stay true to yourself!


What advice would you give to other nannies for staying calm and collected while working during a pandemic?

Know that you aren’t alone and it’s okay to feel however you are feeling right now. It’s always helpful to talk through what you are experiencing.


What song(s) are currently on your most-played playlist?

Anything by Sol Rising






Is there anything else you’d like us to know?

Yes! I think it’s very important to show kindness and treat others well. Communication is also extremely important in all relationships, especially when working with children. 


What are your favorite non-profits?

The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado





Thank you, Erica – all of us at Adventure Nannies are eager to see what you do next!

*We are thrilled to have made a donation to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Erica’s name.


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