Raising Kids On The Road: Advice from an Adventure Nanny On Tour With a Band




By Adventure Nanny Julie

Congratulations on taking the first step in joining this crazy corner of the Adventure Nanny world! Like so many other jobs, it’s a good mix of fun and challenge if you are doing it right! Helping people raise their babies on the road and share their art with the world is a rewarding endeavor, and this latest chapter of my working life has allowed me to explore many a town and person. I realize that sleeping to the rhythm of wheel on highway isn’t everyone’s cup of Folgers, but for me and others who have taken the road as a part-time lover… it definitely hits the spot!

What are your top three on-the-road activities to do with nanny kids?

I try to take advantage of our moving house and ever-changing location! When we wake up in a new city I like to get out there and look around . It’s fun when we can find age appropriate activities that are in the town we are visiting that day. There is a seemingly endless list of possibilities: aquariums, parks, museums, art studios…whatever the kids are into and are passionate about! Because I currently take care of a baby, we also spend a lot of time strolling around the neighborhood, swimming in the hotel pool, and attempting to capture extreme baby adorableness in photos.



What are three things that make being a tour nanny different from being a regular travel nanny?

I’d say that most of the main differences can be found in the space in which I live and work. Operating out of a bus has its perks and challenges to be certain. I love that our bus serves as a traveling home base and a source of cozy consistency that other kinds of travel might not afford.
Life on a tour bus might be a little different as well in that it requires one to share a small space with potentially a lot of people. For people like me who were raised on a summer camp, communal bus life is quite dreamy! But, for others who may require more alone time and personal space, bus life may pose as more of a challenge.

photo credit to @thelumineers


Which of your personality traits come in handy when out on the road?

Being positive, creative, and mellow have all served me pretty well on the road.  Sometimes days are long and the weather is bad and group morale is low. Luckily I’m a fairly optimistic person who is easily entertained and can make my own fun.


What is your favorite memory from being a tour nanny?

This is a hard question! There are so many happy memories from the road. I am away from my home and family a lot and have spent some of my most important days of the year away and with my road family. They are amazingly sweet to me, and some of my most personally sacred days have been incorporated into their lives too. Just a few weeks ago in fact was “Philly Cheesesteak Day,” where we eat my late father’s favorite meal and toast our sandwiches to one of the best of men. This memory is a favorite because it serves as a testament to the bonds that can be created among people that this type of lifestyle fosters.


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What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being a tour nanny?

I’ve learned so much about self care and balance! Being on the road can be tiring, and there are times when it’s necessary to take a knee or just step away for a second. I’ve learned from touring how to better express and communicate my needs to others, as well as how to be kinder to myself. Little acts of self love can truly go a long way out here.

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What should you always have in your backpack?

This answer changes for me depending on the ages of the kids I am with and what their needs are. Regardless of their ages, one definitely can’t go wrong with:
-Snacks/ water
-A few toys/ books
-Sunscreen stick
-A phone with a map

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How do you handle confidentiality and discretion when traveling with high-profile families on the road?

This is definitely a topic that needs to be talked ahead of time with your family in order to see how they want you to handle their family’s fame in relation to a wider public. This answer will of course vary. For example, while some people not mind fans snapping pictures of their children’s cuteness, others might really prefer for their kids to stay off of Instagram. Personally I tend to air on the side of discretion, professionalism, and politeness in general when it comes to navigating this terrain.

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What advice would you give a nanny who would like to travel with bands?

I love my job, and I think that is at least in part due to being really well matched. Tours can be really different from one band to the next and I’d encourage you to seek out the best fit possible and find people that you click with. That being said, all relationships take work. Communicate a ton and be your own best advocate!
Lastly I’m going to add that with this job it really helps to be flexible! Being part of a crew and team requires one to often help in ways that may not be in a classic nanny job description.
I wish you’ll luck and big fun out there! Happy to answer any questions that come my way.

Happy trails!

-Adventure Nanny Julie


photo credit to @thelumineers