Struggling To Land That Dream Job? Here's How To Bolster Your Nanny Resume!

Struggling To Land That Dream Job? Here’s How To Bolster Your Nanny Resume!





We’ve all been there: you keep applying for jobs that sound like the perfect fit, but for whatever reason, you’re not getting selected for the position. There are a variety of factors that dictate hiring decisions, but one of the main things is a lack of relevant professional experience.


Most nanny and childcare agencies have a minimum experience requirement. Here at Adventure Nannies, our ideal candidate has a minimum of 2 years of full-time professional childcare experience, complete with verifiable, raving references.

You may be wondering how you can get more professional childcare experience if you aren’t able to land a full-time nanny job, but we’ve got some good news for you! In addition to making sure the nuts and bolts of your resume are up to snuff, there are straightforward steps that you can take to increase your experience, round out your resume, and ultimately prepare you for that dream job.

Continuing education and experience are incredibly important in the development of a professional caregiver. There are so many phenomenal learning opportunities that provide not only education but often real-world experience as well. Here are some examples of professional development opportunities that will sharpen your skill set and set you up for excelling at that dream job!





Take A Nanny Development Course

If you are interested in working as an infant care specialist, doula, or hope to work with infants at all, we strongly recommend taking courses from Newborn Care Solutions. Their training programs are exceptionally thorough + educational and are considered the industry standard for infant care. In addition to taking a skill-specific course, we highly recommend investing in attending the annual INA Conference where you’ll meet other nannies, agencies, and childcare pro’s and have the opportunity to attend tons of great seminars.





Volunteer At An After-School Program

Volunteering with kids affords you the opportunity to develop your communication skills with different age groups while positively benefiting the community. Research online with Volunteer Match, and at local community centers, Mom groups, kids clubs, gyms, and of course schools for the opportunity that seems best for you.





Join Nanny Groups Online And Find A Mentor

One of the most beautiful aspects of the nanny community is the commitment to supporting one another. If you can, we suggest joining nanny forums, Facebook groups, and following your favorite agencies and nannies on their respective social media platforms. Dive into the community and seek out the advice of more experienced nannies who might be able to provide feedback and mentorship as you develop.





Enroll In Early Childhood Education Courses

There are several approaches to obtaining a teaching certificate or degree, but any coursework in ECE will be beneficial for professional childcare providers. To find a class near you and to learn more about ECE programs Early Childhood Teacher is a fantastic resource.





Take First Aid/CPR/First Responder Courses

First Aid response and Infant + Child CPR are crucial to master when caring for children. The more equipped you are to handle the worst possible situations, the more confident the hiring parents will be with placing their child in your care. Research local opportunities to take first aid/cpr courses, wilderness first responder, and disaster preparedness coursework.







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