STEAM Spotlight: Reggio-Inspired Figment Creative


We recently had the opportunity to speak with Amber Scardino, the incredibly creative, insightful, and inspiring woman behind Figment Creative (previously called Wee Warhols). Figment Creative is an amazing art space offering art classes that will help children develop fine motor skills, expand creativity, introduce many different mediums, and promote self-esteem. In addition to running this space in Austin, TX, Amber is also part of a group of moms involved in writing the STEAM kids books (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) full of exciting and educational projects for kids. We discovered the fantastic STEAM-centric activities that Amber creates for her classes on her blog, and we were immediately enthralled with the incredible experiments and creations that the kids were developing.


What were you up to before you started Figment Creative? What inspired you to start it?

I used to work at an art gallery until I had my first child, and then soon my second. I would do so many art activities with my boys to keep us all entertained and happy.  My friends said that they would love to send their kids to me to for such fun.  That sounded great to me, so I started with a summer camp at the house four years ago and haven’t stopped since.


Where are your favorite places to get craft/art supplies?

Austin Creative Reuse, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, and thrift shops. I actually wrote an entire blog post about how to acquire STEAM supplies with some great links!


How / where do you find ideas for your projects?

It usually starts with whatever art supply or recyclable I have on hand.  I like to start with something that already has a bit of a cool factor and build on that.  Example: music sheets, old records or cassettes, something with a cool texture, old maps, etc.

What is your all time favorite project?

I really loved the large scale air sculptures we created, and the kids really enjoyed the process.

What is your favorite mothers day / father’s day project?

We primed and painted hammers for a Father’s day project, this was such a fun activity. My husband still uses his! I also really like our STEAM raft craft activity, anytime you can incorporate water into learning, the kids are so thrilled.

What are your top “hacks” for craft projects that you’ve learned over the years?

Always store your supplies in clear containers.  If you don’t see it, you won’t use it.

What’s next for Figment Creative?

Lots!  I am so excited.  I recently purchased the new home for Figment Creative Labs.  A new name to go with the growing business.  (Plus the Warhol Foundation told me to change the Wee Warhols name.)  The new location will have a process art studio, maker space, and a Reggio-inspired science lab.


We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this exciting operation if you’d like to follow along you can find them on InstagramFacebook and on their website. To learn more about Adventure Nannies, check us out on Instagram, Facebook, and on our website!



*All photos are courtesy of Figment Creative.*